Ultra Pure Synthetic Pee Review (Is It 500% Over The Top?)

Whenever I see some way over the top and exaggerated marketing, I immediately feel like someone is trying to trick me into buying something I don’t need.

Well, it so happens that when your drug test is around the corner and you absolutely need a synthetic urine that really works, you can come across the Ultra Pure fake pee sold by Ultra Klean website. Some people also call it Ultra Klean urine; we won’t go into the nomenclature here.

Instead, we’ll make a thorough assessment of Ultra Pure urine in order to see if it’s any good. The Ultra Klean has (this really needs to be noted) particularly aggressive marketing claims when it comes to the Ultra Pure synthetic urine. There include:

  • “We have passed more than 500.000 urine tests”. How would they know that? Does that mean only that they sold more than half a million Ultra Pure kits or is everybody phoning them and confirming they’ve passed a urine drug screening?
  • 500% money-back guarantee. That’s such an outrageous claim I don’t know what to think of it. Ok, so if I fail a drug test and don’t get a job, they’ll reimburse me 5 times over for my purchase of Ultra Pure? Seems outlandish to say the least.
  • Ultra Pure is the best synthetic urine on the market. It’s true that every synthetic urine brand claims that but Ultra Klean doesn’t really try to back it up with some evidence.

We did the in-depth review of all the synthetic urine brands on the market, from the very best to the very worst, and it’s not hard to imagine that Ultra Pure didn’t distinguish itself as one of the more credible counterfeit urine.

About Ultra Klean’s Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

So here is the official story from Ultra Klean’s website:

“The whole fake pee project there was started in 2002 by John Kehoe and Brian Kehoe (that means this fake pee is around more than 15 years). Apparently, the founders have the advantage of working in the synthetic urine industry for quite some time by now, their version of synthetic urine being Ultra Pure.”

Given the many years Ultra Klean has been around, the science behind it, the “many trials” as they put it, they are sure to claim that the Ultra Pure is the best synthetic urine around. But is it really?

The outrageous marketing and something like 500% money-back guarantee don’t really add to their credibility; what we do here is look at the ingredients that the Ultra Pure is made out of, scour the forums for any information about people who used synthetic urine to figure out if it really works or not.

But first, the ingredients.

What Is Ultra Pure Made Out Of?

At the end of the day, the brand of synthetic urine is not as important as the guarantee you can pass a drug test. And that depends solemnly on what synthetic urine is made out of.

If the ingredients are on point, synthetic urine will test as a real urine.

If they are not, you’ll be informed that the lab detected the fake urine and accuse you of foul play.

So the least a company that sells synthetic urine could do is give you some insight into what is actually in the premixed fake pee solution. Admittedly, not many companies give you the full insight into the synthetic urine ingredients (with the exception of TestNegative’s Sub-Solution) but they at least give you some idea what is in the bottle you’re staking your job on.

Something in the lines of “This wonderful synthetic urine is made out of urea, uric acid, creatinine and has appropriate pH levels and specific gravity”.

Not Ultra Klean though.

You’ll find nothing of the sort on the website – no ingredients, no quantity of ingredients – and honestly, that doesn’t inspire confidence at all.

With no ingredient list to check if the Ultra Pure works or not, we’re left to user reviews of the pee. Let’s check some of them:

Reviews Of Ultra Pure Urine

If Ultra Klean has been selling this piss for 15 odd years, there’s bound to be somebody who used it to pass a drug test and tell everybody about it on some marijuana-related forum. At least that’s what we were guessing when trying to assess the Ultra Pure synthetic urine.

Sure enough, there are a number of personal experiences out there.

Review No. 1

Here is one review posted on Boards Cannabis thread from 2015 by a user nicknamed ‘Coloradoooooo32’ (I would guess a guy from Colorado, aged 32 years). He describes the whole ordeal with nervously checking the Ultra Pure reviews before and after using it, and ends by “I passed!!”:


What is surprising to me about this review is not the whole process the guy had to go through with using Ultra Pure; it’s the fact that nobody responded to this threat. This threat is literally this post, and nothing else.

No “Cool story, bro” or “Congrats!”.

This is somewhat fishy and could indicate that somebody from extravagant Ultra Klean marketing department wrote that review.

Review No. 2

Another great review about Ultra Pure was written by the Weed In My Pocket guy in his (or hers?) post. In short, the Ultra Pure worked with an OTC drug test but when it came to the real deal, the synthetic urine flunked the test.

Two reasons are given:

  1. The Ultra Pure’s color has weirdly unnatural.
  2. The temperature wasn’t appropriate.

The temperature thing is pretty understandable. It’s really hard to get and keep synthetic urine at 90-100F using a microwave, your body’s heat, and hand warmers. I mean, you could try it and see if it works but I wouldn’t bet my job on it.

The color is something a majority of synthetic urine brands do OK at. Our own body uses urobilin that gives the real urine that yellowish shade. With fake pee, you have to somehow recreate that color using food coloring chemicals.

But, unfortunately, Ultra Pure synthetic urine doesn’t manage to recreate a color that wouldn’t look unnatural. At the end of the day, it comes down to how attentive the technician analyzing the urine sample is, but submitting a not-ideally-yellow urine is always a bad idea.

Review No. 3

The third review comes from the well-known Marijuana forum about Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine.

Surprisingly, the fake pee did work and there is quite some information about the urine’s temperature. The user nicknamed ‘Lips02’ (I assume it’s a she) walked into the drug testing clinic with 99F urine, kept it between her ‘cheeks’ for 20 minutes, and the temperature dropped to 96F:


The problem is that post is from 2010, and unfortunately, we don’t have any reviews of Ultra Pure synthetic urine from 2019 yet. Nonetheless, the last review was quite insightful and the Ultra Klean didn’t have to fetch out 500% money-back to this particular lady because the fake pee worked.

What Kind Of Kits Are Offered?

2oz and 4oz choices are available.

You can tell a lot about how good a synthetic urine is from the kit that is offered. Namely, it’s not a good sign if they give you hand warmers to keep the synthetic pee warm, and any mention of ‘just microwave it for 10 seconds’ is a red flag.

Here is what the 2oz Ultra Pure kit looks like:

  1. Premixed Ultra Pure solution. That’s the urine itself.
  2. Silent squeeze bottle. Well, ok, you have to put that yellow liquid somewhere.
  3. Hand warmers. There you have it – the red flag.
  4. Temperature strip.

All in all, it is a pretty common synthetic urine kit but those hand warmers just ruin it.

Our Verdict

In summary, it is possible (but not all that likely?) to pass a drug test with Ultra Klean’s product but there are many red flags. No listed ingredients, hand warmers, and outrageous marketing don’t reflect well on the Ultra Pure synthetic urine.

With so many other fake pee brands out there that don’t have such red flags, it’s really difficult to understand why somebody would pick Ultra Pure as their No. 1 choice of synthetic urine.

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