Quick And Clean Synthetic Urine Review: Small And Discrete

‘Quick and Clean’ is how every drug test should ideally go, with or without the use of synthetic urine.

This particular brand of synthetic urine is market primarily to people who are into ‘golden showers’. Well, that is one of the ways you can use fake pee and Quick and Clean does come in quite a seductive packaging.

On top of that, Quick and Clean urine is designed especially for women. Given the lack of personal experience with golden showers, I’m not really sure if this is urine designed to be sprayed only on women or is this a woman urine (would be used predominantly on men, I suppose).

Nonetheless, the No. 1 reason why people use synthetic urine is to pass a drug test, and we are here on the mission to review all the ingredients, user-experiences and urban myths that come with every synthetic urine brand, including Quick and Clean.

So let’s jump right in.

Quick And Clean Fake Pee For Fetish

There are two kinds of fake piss packages that Quick and Clean offers:

  1. Pinky synthetic pee kit (female only).
  2. Normal kit with synthetic urine (unisex).

Most of the discreteness and seductiveness claims are connected with the female only synthetic urine. The Quick and Clean website even features a nice lady with a face lace, something like this:

Artificial urine can be used as a fetish but the No. 1 use is to beat a urine drug test.

When it comes to problems we can have on a drug test for pissing hot, the second unisex version of synthetic urine is much more useful (and gender fluid).

This is the kind of urine that people use on drug screenings; in fact, we have prepared a 2018 and 2019 best synthetic urine list in order to determine which fake pee product is the safest to use.

One thing that Quick and Clean fake piss definitely has going for it is the 2 oz container.

Would it not be better to get a 3 oz or 4 oz synthetic urine kit for the same price?

Well, normally it would but this is not potatoes that we’re buying in a store. Of course, a majority of fake piss brands out there offer a 3 oz urine + container but:

  1. You don’t really need 3 oz of urine. 2 oz does suffice for a lab test.
  2. It’s easier to hide a 2 oz flash under your armpit than a 3 oz bottle.

These two reasons made Quick and Clean urine quite useful and easier to use/hide when you drug test appointment is up.


The essential part of answering the question “will this synthetic work on a lab drug test” is hidden in the composition of synthetic urine. In short, what is the bright yellow solution you can substitute for real urine actually made out of?

Quick and Clean is rather shy to reveal what exactly is inside their mixture (shockingly, only a few fake urine brands disclose this information).

Without knowing if there is urea or uric acid in Quick and Clean piss, we can’t really know if it will work on a drug test or not, right?

Wait Until 2019 For Synthetic Urine Reviews

Usually, we can find a lot of reviews of brands like Sub-Solution, Quick Fix and so on on a number of different forums by people who have actually used and passed or failed a drug test.

However, Quick and Clean is quite a novelty products (I think it was launched in 2016) and it is one of the least known synthetic pee brands around.

That means that there is a lack of Quick & Clean urine reviews. The following question about it is the only reference we could find of Quick and Clean (it has posted as a synthetic urine related question on Grasscity forum):


The guy buying synthetic urine really points out the relevant questions about the Quick & Clean urine: it’s 15$ cheaper than Quick Fix but it does not say ‘contains urea’. In most of the cases in which synthetic urine is detected on a lab test, the urea was missing in the fake pee.

Does Quick and Clean includes urea? We simply don’t know and that is a problem.

For some real information, we’ll have to wait on some of the 2019 synthetic reviews to tell us if it works or not.

Our Verdict

New and fetish-focused brand of synthetic urine. How does it hold up on a drug test? Well, we don’t really know because the information about the ingredients is not disclosed and there are no relevant reviews of the Quick and Clean brand out there as of yet.

Some red flags do include using hand warmers (this again) to warm it up; that’s just nasty and risky business.

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