Sub Solution Synthetic Urine 2024 Review: Still The Best?

We all know that synthetic urine is pretty much the surest way of passing a drug test by mimicking the real urine.

The first of the next generation synthetic urine is the popular Sub-Solution synthetic urine. Being able to heat itself to body temperature, Sub-Solution is what most illegal drug users use when it comes to a urine drug test.

sub solution synthetic urine vs real urine
Real urine (left) vs. Sub-Solution synthetic urine (right). Can you tell the difference? Drug testing labs sure can’t.

What is more, Sub-Solution retained the 2022 title as the best synthetic urine in the 2024 synthetic urine comparison as well.

Richard C., a fellow stoner, pretty much sums it up (click on the review for a bigger photo):

review of how to use sub solution to pass a drug test

Sub-Solution is the new industry standard and has scored the No. 1 synthetic urine award for passing a drug test in 2024 synthetic urine review (it usually gets a 5-star review by the users).

how to pass a drug test in a day with synthetic urine
Sub Solution is arguably the most reliable synthetic urine on the market. You can get it here.

Sub-Solution Reviews

You should really check the story about the guy who also did thorough research on the best synthetic urines and choose the Sub Solution – here is his post on 420magazine.

Basically all other synthetic urines out there are knock-offs of Sub Solution, but nobody has yet to master the self-heating property the Clear Choice Sub Solution has (you have to heat other synthetic urines to body temperature ‘somehow’ so they don’t catch you using synthetic urine in a urine drug test).

Not only does the Sub-Solution by TestNegative has the highest rating and self-healing mechanism, but it is also the only synthetic urine that has been around for more than 10 years. 

That just tells you that people have been buying it for a long time and readily recommended it in order for the company to keep selling it – you can easily buy it here.

What I found most credibly about Sub-Solution synthetic urine is the list of ingredients that the solution consists of.

For example, on the packaging, it clearly states that the powdered urine you get (with a vial for heating and plastic container) contains urea and uric acid. These are the two basic ingredients of urine that every synthetic urine should contain – but the Sub Solution is the only one that is clear about that.

What Is Sub Solution Anyway?

As with any synthetic urine, Clear Choice’s Sub Solution is a solution that closely mimics standard and natural urine. Chemically speaking, it is a complex water solution, containing both organic and inorganic substances – just like real urine does.

Urine helps us eliminate products of cellular metabolism and, of course, THC or any other drugs if present. Sub Solution is chemically speaking exactly the same as natural urine but without the drugs, one might use. Hence it is perfect for passing a drug test – chemically it will test out as perfectly normal urine.

What Is Synthetic Urine Made Of?

Synthetic urine has the same ingredients as urine, in the same proportions and concentration. Urine drug tests measure the content of the most important ingredients – urea, uric acid, and creatinine – as well as pH and specific gravity that come mainly from inorganic components.

For example, here is a study of how much uric acid is in urine – healthy volunteers had a 5.1-7.0 mg/dl concentration of uric acid in urine. This is exactly how much uric acid the best synthetic urine should contain.

To mimic natural urine, synthetic urine – if produced correctly – should be a complex water solution that has about 3 times as many organic substances as inorganic ones (chlorides, phosphates, sulfates and ammonia).

Here are is the ingredients list of what synthetic urine should be made out of:

  1. Urea50 to 100 mg/dl of urine.
  2. Uric acid5.0 to 7.0 mg/dl.
  3. Creatinine35 to 320 mg/dl.
  4. Potassium sulfate (K2SO4) – 1 to 3 g/l.
  5. Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) – 1 to 3 g/l.
  6. Ammonium phosphate – 0.5 to 1.5 g/l.
  7. Ammonium diphospate – 0.5 to 1.5 g/l.
  8. Calcium chloride (CaCl2) – 0.1 to 0.5 g/l.
  9. Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) – 0.25 to 1 g/l.

The inorganic substances synthetic urine is made out of (point 4-9) are what gives the synthetic urine the same pH and specific gravity as genuine urine.

Urine has a pH of 4 to 10 and a specific gravity between 1.000 and 1.035. As does Sub Solution; in fact, Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine precisely because it has the best balance of organic to inorganic components. You can check out them even in their patent.

Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected In A Drug Test?

If you do everything correctly, synthetic urine can’t be detected by standard drug testing panels. Because ‘fake pee’ so much resembles the natural urine, as far as inorganic, organic content, pH, specific gravity, urea, and so on are concerned, the drug test will detect synthetic urine as normal urine.

There is only one catch, though – low-quality synthetic urine products. As you’ve seen, patented synthetic urine does have exactly the right amount of urea, creatinine and so on. It is quite a long list.

The surest way for synthetic urine to be discovered on a drug test is if somebody uses a low-quality fake pee. There can be several problems with such cheap fake pee products that can be caught on a drug test:

  1. pH is too low. 4 or lower.
  2. Specific gravity is too high. If you put too much low-quality ingredients in a drug test, the specific gravity can spike above 1.050.
  3. Urea or creatinine levels are too low. Cheaper fake pees usually prefer to stay on the low-end range especially when creatinine is concerned (admittedly, it’s cheaper for them to use less). In some cases, creatinine levels can be below 30 mg/dl – too low.
  4. Urine temperature is too low. Very important! Synthetic urine has to be heated up to a body temperature – 90 to 105F. Sub Solution comes with a self-heating mechanism; cheaper urines must be microwaves for about 10 seconds and it’s really hard to hit exactly 90 to 105F with a microwave.

In short, if you use high-quality synthetic urine, these things can’t occur. If you use cheap fake pee, chances are you’re going to be caught on a drug test.

How Do You Keep Sub Solution Urine Warm?

When you giving a urine sample, it has a temperature between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic urine such as Sub Solution should have the same temperature; so how do you warm it up and keep warm?

With other synthetic urines, you have to worry about microwaving it and keeping it close to your body in order not to lose heat. Sub Solution, however, has a patented heat activator – a small vial of lithium chloride (LiCl) that can’t be detected by a drug test.

Here is how you warm up Sub Solution prior to the test:

  1. Mix Sub Solution with water – water temperature should be between 70 to 90F – and prepare 2,3 or 5-ounce synthetic urine solution. Sub Solution contains details instructions on how to do this; it’s easy and simple.
  2. Add the heat activator (little granules in the dark vial) slowly. Shake or stir if needed, and watch the temperature probe.
  3. The attached temperature probe will turn green when the synthetic urine is of body temperature (98 to 102F).
  4. Excess heat activator can be appropriately discarded.

Note: If the temperature is too high, the temperature probe will go ‘red’. Cool the whole solution of synthetic urine down by running tap water on the outside of the container. When it turns green again, the temperature is just right.

You can keep Sub Solution warm be keeping it close to your body (underarm, thigh). It can be there for more than 2 hours while you wait for a drug test.

What Do Users Say About Sub Solution Synthetic Urine?


Honestly having a closed-door test is what you usually get when doing a urine drug test. Mixing up the Sub-Solution is a piece of cake when nobody is watching.

From this Sub-Solution review, we also see that you can warm the solution up yourself is you tuck it up under your breast for an hour. However, the self-heating vial you get with the purchase, you don’t have to warm up for an hour. The vial warms it in seconds. That can be very useful when you’re in a cabin at Quest.

Is Sub-Solution A Life-Saver?


Well, it is for this guy. He has the truth of it through – all the guys on the street use synthetic urine and Sub Solution is pretty much the most widely known in the stoner’s world. 

Negative Review of Sub-Solution?

Whenever you have a popular product, you’ll have some negative reviews as well. Here is one about the Sub:


This is the same thing that was found in the synthetic urine 2024 comparison. The Sub works like a charm but it is pricey. However, when trying to do a THC detox or pass a urine drug test in 24 hours with synthetic urine, you really shouldn’t be looking at pricing. Why?

Because if you buy bad urine, your job is probably on the line. And a job is much more important than a few extra $10 in the wallet.

Average Customer Rating is 4.4/5 Making Sub Solution Highest Rated Synthetic Urine

All in all, the Sub is the highest rated synthetic urine and it’s been around since 2003. It is sold exclusively online and we don’t list where to buy synthetic urine in stores article.

When it comes to buying quality synthetic urine to pass a drug test, the Sub is the thing you get (if you can afford it).

Other synthetic urines might work just as fine (you’ll just have to heat them up somehow) and will cost a bit less but if you want to have a guaranteed ‘THC negative’ on your drug test, the Sub-Solution is the first choice.

You can buy the Sub-Solution here even a day before a drug test.

All the luck to you guys!

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8 thoughts on “Sub Solution Synthetic Urine 2024 Review: Still The Best?

  • February 1, 2019 at 1:51 am

    Curious buyer:
    First time ever needing synthetic, this product sounds great. Question: I don’t want to mess with the heat activated powder in the bathroom, can I add it in the parking lot before I go in and assuming my test is within 30 minutes of walking in will it stay warm under my breast or in my inner thigh long enough if I get it to 100 in the car? Thanks!

    • February 4, 2019 at 9:30 pm

      The solution, when heated to 100 degrees, can stay at near body temperature if you keep it close to the body. Under the breast, armpit or inner thigh are quite the ‘hot spots’ so to speak but the temperature can drop significantly in 30 minutes. It’s not a safe bet, by any chance, but it can be a successful tactic as well.

  • February 9, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    I want to just say THIS STUFF WORKS! If your nervous don’t be! I was && it was so easy I added the heating powder little by little an I’d say by the time I got it where I wanted it to be I had used about half of the powder. Also I’m a big chested girl so I was able to put it in my bra so that helped keep the temp where I needed it! They had me out my belongings in a drawer an wash my hands an you can’t flush I recommend taking the cap off and pouring it because I felt like squirting it out took to long so I ended up just taking the cap off and now I have a new job making more money. I’m going to order some just in case for future! Highly recommend!

  • August 28, 2019 at 9:20 pm

    Clear choice synthetic urine review from August 2019: (real person/real review/just saved my livelyhood)
    Hey guys so I was hired for job that required a 10 panel urine drug screen after already accepting the offer. THIS STUFF WORKS. Just follow the boxes instructions but I should mention I did not end up using the heat activating powder. I read a few horror stories so I elected to not use it. I just received confirmation on Monday that I passed and cleared the onboarding process. Also another tip is that the box comes with another squirt cap to mimic the flow of actual urine. Please be advised this does make a sucking soundwhen your trying to squirt the sample if you’re not careful and that if you put this cap on prior to the test it does have the potential to leak. Good luck to you all!

  • September 4, 2019 at 4:40 am

    So I want to briefly describe my Concentra Pre-Employment physical and drug screen.

    Talk about freaking mortified… the gut wrenching feeling of going into the belly of the beast just to give up a positive sample of urine….
    If this is something that worries you… get a bottle of sub solution. I was extremely skeptical about all the comment I read, but I did my research on the product, because I needed it to work…

    I used the packaged items. 3 oz bottle. 1 vial of specimen. 1 vial of heat enhancer. Directions. (Don’t worry…. seriously you can’t fuck this up)

    Follow the directions and bring the sample to 98-100 degrees.

    I then place a rubber band and heat warmer to the bottle, tucked it inside of an ankle sock, and then tucked that mf right in between by nut sack and inner thigh… as far into the crevice it will go…

    The sample rests and waits….trust me it’s still toasty in there.

    I got called back after waiting an hour… this is intentionally done. He takes my weight, height, blood pressure, and heart rate…. the he brings me to the drug screen part….
    he asked me to leave my hat and keys inside of a drawer next to a sink, where I had to wash my hands…. then he invited me iinti the restroom, which has one toilet and the water was bright blue….. he handed me my cup… he politely asked me to, fill to here”…. (there was plenty in the 3 oz that came with the box of sub-solution.)

    I shut the door and went about my business…. I reached inside my crotch and grabbed the sock full of piss and checked the temp strip… fuck! It’s 101!

    (Fear not fucker- just take the lid off and gently blow on the liquid… this will help allow cool the specimen off as will the exposure to the cold environment around you) (Concentra is cold af)

    I was able to get the piss down to 99, so I decided to transfer the “sub”stitute piss. Haha fuck you.

    I watched the specimens cups temp gauge hit 98 and I immediately closed the lid. I then tucked the bottle back up in my ball pit, and open the door smiling with a cup full of fake piss.

    He entered that the donors sample was within range. Perfect!

    (Luckily I was having a rapid screen test…. so sub solution just obliterated it)

    Anyways they read the results PASS….
    I sign some shit and then we walk out to go do a hearing test and eye test… then he decided to throw me a mf curveball and said I had to have an examination by the doctor… (part of the pre employment physical)

    I was kind of freaked the fuck out because I had a bottle the size of a Nokia shoved underneath my ball sack…. and didn’t really see an opportunity to place it elsewhere….

    He walked me into this desolate room with a counter sink and a medical examiner table in it… then said the doctor will be in momentarily… then asked me to place on some blue under garments….

    As told me I could have some privacy to change…. when that door closed… my hand was immediately on my dick n balls trying to fish out the sock half full of piss. I grabbed it and slammed it as deep into my back pant pocket that it could go and then stuffed my wallet in on top. I folded my pants in the corner to cover up the presence of a bottle bulge.

    He did his thing and did the whole turn your head and cough….

    He gave me clearance and walked out… I put my shit back on and stuffed the contraband back into my pant and went to the check out counter…. she gave me the a-okay and I walked right the fuck out and b lined it straight for my car….

    Anyways…. buy sub solution… it works.

  • September 6, 2019 at 3:42 am

    How long does it last once mixed? I’m wondering if it will stay mixed and ‘true’ if they send a sample to be tested further? (Beyond the normal 5 panel)

    • September 8, 2019 at 9:35 am

      The mixture itself is sterile; however, when you use it bacteria inevitably end up in the mixture and start with chemical processes that change the physical and chemical nature of the synthetic urine. These effects take days while the test is conducted and the urine tested within half an hour. The real urine has the same problem; there are bacteria which chemically degrade urea and uric acid and you get that stale urine smell.

  • July 3, 2020 at 2:35 am

    Any one know what happens if you’ve left the sample unmixed in the car on accident so it got hot? Will it still work?


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