Simply Golden Synthetic Pee Review: New 2018-2019 Urine

Simply Golden synthetic urine kit and urine belt kit are the latest additions to the synthetic urine world.

They seem to be launched in 2017 which translates into ‘I really hope this fake up is properly updated and filled with uric acid to pass a drug test even in 2019’.

The synthetic pee by Simply Golden has quickly gotten some traction and it will be really interesting to see if this will be one of the best synthetic urine kits on the market in 2019.

3 Things That Make Simply Golden A Success On Synthetic Urine Market

Of course, there are many good things to be said about the Simply Golden pee; including that it is made in the USA, which is a rarity.

What is so special about the Simply Golden? Well, it has 3 things going for it:

  1. Quite transparent about what ingredients are in the Simply Golden bottle/belt.¬†That’s exactly the information that some kits lack.
  2. Includes fake pee belt kit. With other such products, you have to buy a synthetic urine + incognito belt (to hide the urine) package. The Simply Golden belt urine kit comes all-in-one. And it’s quite tastefully designed and functional – you can check how the novelty belt kit looks like here.
  3. Probably the cheapest new synthetic urine.¬†You can spend more than $100 on a premium synthetic urine brand. There are cheaper alternatives but you’ll hardly find a synthetic urine that costs about $20 as the standard SG bottle kit does.

Fake Pee Ingredients

Many older brands of synthetic urine omit what is actually in the synthetic urine. Everybody understands that synthetic urine should mimic the real urine as closely as possible but how do you know that the fake pee will resemble the real urine close enough to pass a drug test?

Well, you can believe the word of the producers. However, it’s much more comforting to know what exactly is the synthetic urine comprised off.

And while most brands don’t give an answer, the Simply Golden synthetic urine does have some ingredients listed (albeit there are no quantities associated with all these chemicals).

Here is the list of ingredients:

  • Urea.
  • Uric acid. This is an ingredient that is lacking in some fake pees and the main reason why they are detected as synthetic urine by drug testing labs.
  • Creatinine.
  • Nitrates. Nitrates also provide the well-known urine smell.
  • Proper pH levels.

In short, top 3 things – urea, uric acid, and creatinine – are included. That’s surprisingly good!

Check for the nitrates as well. Lab urine tests measure nitrate levels and when the nitrates are turned in ammonia-like specimens, they give off the rich urine smell.

The pH levels should be, ideally, between 5 and 8. It’s not hard to achieve such levels of pH (for example pH of water is 7) but if you add too much chemicals, the synthetic urine can turn too acidic.

Simply Golden synthetic urine ingredients list, however, does not include the quantities. Adding just the right amount of nitrates, urea, creatinine and so on is vital to ensure the fake pee will pass a drug test without questions asked. For example, all the best synthetic urine kits are best precisely because they hit the urine test marks exactly right.

No Reviews Of Simply Golden In 2018

With all the standard brands, you’ll have marijuana forums full of reviews with two customary synthetic urine opinions, namely:

  1. “This synthetic urine is awesome! Passed the test and have a job now, bro!”
  2. “This fake pee is sh*t. Despite doing everything as prescribed I failed and was fired!”

With Simply Golden synthetic pee being such a novelty we’re only waiting for first reviews to start being posted on forums.

Hopefully, we’ll get some good synthetic reviews in 2019 – will keep you updated.

If you just need to know how Simply Golden works, you can check the belt kit on Youtube.

What Does The Synthetic Urine Belt Kit Looks Like?

Almost every fake urine out there comes in a bottle. That’s why we decided to present the unique urine belt kit Simply Golden offers. It is important to note that while the standard bottle kit is probably the cheapest fake pee kit on the market, the synthetic urine kit with a belt does cost about $40.

So what is that kit comprised off?

  1. The “pouch” with premixed Simply Golden urine. Urine kits can hardly be described as beautiful but this pouch is beautifully designed to fit around your thigh, stomach or under an armpit. In the world of synthetic urine that is worth quite a lot.
  2. Temperature strip. It is a standard strip for measuring the temperature of the urine, strapped on the pouch itself. The strip has its shortcomings but is generally accurate enough.
  3. Heating element. The heating pads are a bit sub-standard but the belt that keeps Simply Golden close to you is much more valuable than a simple pad for maintaining the urine at the right temperature.

Of course, to bring the fake pee to the right temperature, you should microwave it for 10-15 seconds. That is not as ideal as the lithium-based heating vial the best synthetic urine kits come with but it’s what you get for a lower price.

Our Verdict

The Simply Golden may be a newcomer on the market but it has some vital advantages over other synthetic pee brands – the main one being the functionally-designed belt pouch for keeping it warm.

The ingredients seem to be on point as well; however, we lack the information about the quantity of uric acid, urea and so on. The right quantities will enable a user to pass a drug test; the wrong quantities will be detected as synthetic urine.

In summary, a very nice and very cheap synthetic urine that might work just fine when it comes to the drug screenings.

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  • July 29, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    I used this today and passed in Canada.


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