10 Natural Home Remedies To Beat A Drug Test: How Effective Are They?

cranberry juice for weed cleanse

The natural way would be the most useful way to cleanse your body.

If it worked.

Most of the natural detoxification methods, however, have a limited effect on the increase of THC elimination.

Nonetheless, the ideas like ‘Cranberry juice is the best natural cleanse for cannabis’ are somehow still very popular today. Everybody who has already read the marijuana detox guide knows that’s pretty far fetched.

This is why we’re going to cover the 10 natural ways how marijuana is considered to be magically flushed out of the system using home remedies.

Let’s just start with cranberry juice.

1. Cranberry Juice

One of the best-known detox drinks for a total body cleanse is cranberry juice. Naturally, because it’s so popular for every kind of detox, one would assume that it will also do wonders for a drug test.

A question of how much cranberry juice should your drink to pass a weed test is definitely not an unreasonable one because of two reasons. How does cranberry juice work for THC detox?

  1. Cranberry juice is a diuretic and it will make an individual eliminate higher quantities of urine.
  2. The acidic nature of cranberry juice will lower the pH of urine.

Producing higher quantities of urine is, of course, beneficial when you’re using cranberry juice as a drug detox drink. The more you urine, the quicker weed will leave the body.

cranberry juice for weed cleanse
Cranberry juice is a natural detox drink.

What is more, because cranberry juice can lower pH of urine significantly (here is a study of the effect of cranberry juice on the pH of the urine), the THC molecule will be more soluble in urine. In turn, we’ll need less time to pee out the weed.

The question remains how long does it take for cranberry juice to clean your system for a drug test?

Unfortunately, even if you gulp down several gallons of it a day, it will have but a small effect. Maybe you’ll shave a day or even two but cranberry juice certainly doesn’t guarantee you to pass a thorough THC test.

What is more, if you overdo it, the urine can become so diluted it will practically be transparent (not yellow, as normal urine). In order to put some color back, B Vitamins such as B6 (niacin) are advised. They will produce a yellowish color of urine but that urine contains THC, it won’t help an individual pass a weed test.

There are several real detox drinks that include enhanced cranberry juice effect on drug elimination process.

2. Lemon Juice As A Natural Way To Weed Detox

Almost exactly the same as for cranberry juice can be said for lemon juice (+ copious amounts of water). Drinking it will fill your body with fluids that need to be disposed of via urine and some small part of THC metabolites will be excreted in such a way.

Of course, lemon juice is pretty much one of the most acidic drinks we consume. It has a pH value of 2 to 3 which will turn pH of urine acidic as well and flush more THC out.

But does lemon juice help you pass a drug test? It does provide a bit of help but, unfortunately, usually too little.

How many people do you know who said they pass a pee test with a lemon juice cleanse?

Nonetheless, lemon juice does represent a way to help an individual to beat a test naturally better than cranberry juice simply because it has a lower pH value. However, even consuming copious amount of it won’t make much of a difference with a standard laboratory 50 ng/ml cut-off THC testing panel.

3. Coffee And Tea

Do you know why the British drink so much tea? Well, it certainly isn’t because they want to beat a drug test.

Coffee and tea are two of the most popular caffeine-containing drinks and are, as such, thought of as natural detox drinks. Do tea and coffee flush out THC? It does help a bit due too:

  1. Coffee and tea are diuretics. Caffeine in both tea and coffee does increase urination.
  2. You’re drinking something with water in it.
  3. People can drink a lot of coffee.

It is sensible to use diuretics when trying to pass a weed test. The more urine we produce and excrete, the less weed we have in our system.

To add to this, coffee and tea are mostly comprised of water. Water gives us something to pee out, flushing the THC out with the urine. Even better, while people may struggle to drink something like lemon juice, most of us do drink more than 3 cups of coffee per day and would be happy to drink even more of it if coffee would flush the THC out of our system.

But does it?

Unfortunately, not likely. Even if we’re trying to cleanse our system of THC naturally, drinking some additional cups of coffee or tea won’t help us substantially.

4. Bentonite Clay (Elimination Via Feces)

Yes, bentonite clay is a thing in the world of cannabis tests. There are several formulations of liquid bentonite clay detox cleanses and there is even some scientific basis for its use.

While most natural THC detox drinks work on increasing urine production and mitigate the transfer of weed out of the body via urine, bentonite clay works more on increasing the THC excretion via feces.

This sort of clay is very absorbent and as such it absorbs all kinds of toxins all along the gastrointestinal tract – this includes small and large intestines. A big part of THC is excreted from the liver via bile to the intestines where bentonite clay can absorb it and speed up the process of THC elimination via intestines.

In short, it makes you poop out more THC than you would normally do. Is it enough to just use bentonite clay to pass a drug test? Of course not, but it can give you an edge if you’re near cut-off rate.

5. Exercise (Elimination Via Sweat)

Everybody who has used weed chronically knows that when you sweat, the sweat itself smells a bit of cannabis. Indeed, including exercise into a weed detox program can have some advantageous effects when trying to beat a drug test.

Exercise does help remove THC out of your system with the following processes:

  1. Sweats out the weed.
  2. Increases metabolism.
  3. Burns fat cells full of THC.
  4. Makes you drink more to hydrate.
Given all the benefits, exercise is the best way to pass a drug test naturally. 

Sweating the weed out is a bit far-fetched, however, the true value of exercise when it comes to cannabis detox is the heightened metabolism levels. All the chemical processes, including toxin elimination, are speeded up. The intense workout will put a body into a high gear that can significantly help with passing a drug test.

best exercise for natural thc detox
Running and cardio activities increase metabolism and induce sweating.

What is more, if you reduce your calorie intake, you can create calorie-deficit. Coupled with exercise, this will induce your system to break down the fat cell and release the THC stored in them. Catabolic state the body will be in will prompt excretion of weed in the most natural way.

Here are some of the best exercises to flush THC out of your system:

  1. Running.
  2. Cycling.
  3. Swimming.
  4. Hiking.
  5. Other cardio sports or activities.

The added benefit of high-intensive cardio activities is that an individual will have to replenish the water loss caused by such sports. It is not unreasonable to drink up to a whole gallon of water during a single hike.

All the natural detox drinks can hardly compare with the benefits exercise provides.

6. Sauna (Detox Via Sweat)

Sauna has a similar effect on fat loss, metabolism and increased water intake as intensive training has, with one important difference:

You can enjoy a sauna instead of sweating it out on a 10k run. 

Steam room drug detox is definitely the most leisure way of flushing the weed out of your system. The combination of high-intensive training followed by a sauna cleanse can significantly increase the metabolism and elimination of bodily fluids like sweat and urine.

Furthermore, the combined effect will prompt a user to drink water in order for the rehydration. Nonetheless, be sure to replenish the electrolytes (such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium) that will leave the body via sweat and urine.

It is also important to increase the consumption of vitamins. Putting metabolism into a higher gear as a way to cleanse yourself of THC will increase the demand for vitamins. In order for metabolism to keep going, we have to fuel it with enough electrolytes and vitamins to sustain high-intensity activities and replenish.

7. Vitamin B (Gives Yellow Color To Urine)

A common feature of natural THC detox methods is that they increase the production and elimination of urine. This may dilute the urine to the point that it is no longer of proper yellow urine color. It can be almost as transparent as water.

Some people see B-vitamins as natural vitamins that help detox the body from weed. This has little to no scientific background. Namely, vitamin B such as niacin doesn’t significantly contribute to urine production nor do they work as a good diuretic agent.

But vitamins B do color the transparent diluted urine (from all the detoxing) yellow. Lab technician that collects a urine sample for a test will not be alarmed if the urine is nicely yellow.

That being said, vitamin B on its own will not reduce the time it takes for THC to leave the body. It will, however, make a diluted urine normal again. It functions as a kind of make-up for urine and this is why many detox drinks and THC detox kits include it in their formulas.

8. Diuretics And Water (Urine Excretion)

Diuretics are the biggest part of herbal remedies for passing a drug test. Doing a detox with diuretics can be put into a simple step-by-step plan:

  1. Get every kind of diuretic and start consuming it.
  2. Drink water like the world’s going to end.
  3. Pee the THC out.

Common hot beverages such as coffee and tea are natural diuretics that everybody can use to try to pass a urinalysis. But the effect of diuretics on weed detox is questionable and often disputed.

dandelion root is a natural diuretic
Dandelion root is a naturally occurring diuretic and herbal remedy.

The urine production and elimination can be substantially increased. But does that additional urine contain so much THC that we can use diuretics to detox efficiently? Not likely.

There are several natural diuretics one might use, such as:

  • Dandelion root.
  • Hawthorn berries and roots.
  • Juniper berries.
  • Tea from hibiscus.
  • Parsley root.
  • Horsetail extract.
All these herbal cleansing solutions might sound healthy but they, on their own, hardly have a more significant effect on THC elimination as a banana smoothie.

Diuretics work solemnly on the production of urine; what they fail to do is to actively extract THC from the fat cells. They at best mask the THC in urine but we don’t consider using diuretics as complete weed detox solutions.

9. Healthy Foods For Weed Detox

A fresh and balanced diet is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Arguably having an appropriate diet and exercise routine can help us avoid many health issues, and this can lead to many of us considering that healthy food can be used to cleanse weed out of our bodies as well.

It is true that a healthy low-calorie diet can burn fat and flush all the toxins, including THC, out. However, losing weight, especially cutting the fat, is a lengthy process that can last for months.

A drug test is scheduled only weeks, if not days, in advance. Using healthy food for drug detox could drive the toxins out in some months if we add exercise and a low-calorie diet.

If the test is next week, all the veggies and fruits in the world won’t help much.

Nonetheless, here is the list of some foods that are considered to flush the THC out of the system:

  • Wheatgrass powder.
  • Berries – blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries.
  • Tomato and tomato juice.
  • Lean protein – chicken, turkey, white fish.
  • Soybeans and other beans.
  • Garlic and onions.

Most of these foods for detox are either mild diuretics (tomato) or are high in fiber content. This means they could potentially expedite the elimination of toxins such as cannabis via urine or feces.

best foods for cannabis detox
Tomato and garlic are considered to be toxin-cleansing foods for your system.

However, a thorough cleansing diet with healthy foods usually targets fat tissue because fat captures the most amount of toxins in our body. But those diets, in order to be effective, last for months on end.

Food is not a quick solution for passing a drug test.

10. Keto Diet (Detox Via Pure Fat Loss)

As we’ve seen, not one specific food can magically make THC disappear from our bodies. But if you could lose fat tissue fast, this would deplete THC main storage and that could make you pass a drug test.

That’s the main idea behind using ketosis as a means to mess up a test for drugs.

Keto diet or ketosis is a specific diet where an individual only consumes fat and protein but avoids, at almost all costs, carbs. Our nervous system is depended on carbs (glucose) and will burn quite a lot of it – something like 0.2 lbs of glucose per day. But what happens if there are no carbs?

Well, the nervous system will have to burn something else to power up – fats. Arguably this reasoning is quite credible and can lead to a rapid fat loss.

Of course, during a detox for a drug test, it’s not so much the fat loss that we find helpful; it’s the THC loss.

By itself, a keto diet can help us pass a urinalysis, but it has one major flaw. It still burns THC-filled fat too slow.

It can take up to a month and more for the ketosis to cleanse out the body of THC and by then it’s too late for everybody who had to take the test during that period.

Ketosis for a drug test is a good idea; but not feasible if you have a drug test schedules within 2 weeks of starting it.