Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review: Best Fake Pee For 2019?

We get it.

You have a drug test in your imminent future. You also pretty much know you’ll piss hot unless…

…unless you get creative.

We’ve all been there. The first of drinking boatloads of water to pass a drug test helps just a little and you’re sure that just a little help won’t cut it.

People who are pissing hot are passing lab tests every day; with the right choice of synthetic urine, of course.

urine drug test sample
Urine drug screening paperwork is pretty extensive nowadays. Only the best synthetic urine will do.

The thing about synthetic urine is that you want to pick one that works for sure and that:

  • Is easy to heat up.
  • Works for all urine drug tests.
  • Most important: undetectable by lab-issued drug tests.

Labs are getting more and more creative at detecting synthetic urine. That’s the real reason why the best synthetic urine is the latest or the most updated formula.

A kind of formula that lab-issued drug tests can’t detect. And the story of Quick Luck synthetic urine in 2019 is a story about how not to be only one but two steps ahead of the lab techs.

That’s the only way to guarantee you’ll pass a drug test on short notice.

Quick Luck – Synthetic Urine For 2019

It is essential for a synthetic urine to keep up with the drug screening standards.

For example, a few years ago labs started testing for urea. Why?

Well, every real urine contains urea (it’s a small chemical in urine). Most of the synthetic urine kits didn’t have urea. That’s why when the drug screening test determined that a urine specimen doesn’t include urea; it has to be synthetic urine.

From then on, every high-quality synthetic urine (at least all of those that don’t cost less than $50) does contain urea.

In 2018, the window of how much urea you can have in your pee sample still wide. But it’s likely that in 2019 that window will be very narrow and only the very best synthetic urine will be able to beat the drug test.

That’s where Quick Urine comes in very handy.

The synthetic formula of Quick Urine was designed specifically to be able to pass a drug test in 2019. That means that all the components in the premixed urine are spot on. Tested and double tested in order to ensure that no test can tell between real urine and Quick Urine.

Here is how it looks like:

quick luck synthetic urine review
The best next-generation Quick Luck synthetic urine. A guaranteed way to beat a drug test in 2019.

What is very interesting is that ClearChoice, a brand that created Quick Luck, already plans to update formula in 2019.

They know they have the best synthetic urine of 2019 on the market, but the expiry rate of Quick Luck urine is September 2019. After that chances are they will already update the formula again in order to be the top of the top brand out there.

Temperature, Temperature, Temperature

The all-inclusive and thorough formula of synthetic urine might not be enough.

One important factor that differentiates good synthetic urine from bad synthetic urine is how well can you adjust its temperature.

Even with Quick Luck synthetic urine, you have to ask two things:

  1. How will I heat it up to body temperature (90-100F)?
  2. How will I maintain that temperature before the testing?

Up till now, there were synthetic urine kits that did either one or the other. Quick Luck is the first synthetic urine on the world that does both!

fake pee kit for raising temperature
Quick Luck superb temperature kit with heat activator, heating pads and temperature strip. Check out the whole kit here.

It includes the patented heat activating powder; this stuff raises the temperature of Quick Luck urine to body temperature in seconds.

Secondly, you get heat pads with every purchase. Those help you to keep the synthetic urine heated for 1-4 hours, giving you more than enough time to go through the all ordeal of doing the urine drug testing.

Verdict – Best Synthetic Urine

All in all, Quick Urine represents the next generation of synthetic pee that is:

  1. Very accurate.
  2. Easy to use temperature-wise.
  3. Undetectable.

Having all these three properties covered, Quick Urine is one of the kind synthetic urine for 2019. Be sure to order the latest batch (ClearChoice is committed to updating the formula in order to remain two steps ahead of the lab detections):

Order the latest batch here


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