Dr. Greens Agent X Review: Does It Work (Or Not)?

Ok, who are we talking about here, Dr. Green or Agent X?

Of course, we’re talking about synthetic urine. Or synthetic urine kit to be exact.

This one is called Agent X (I always love the naming of these fake pee products) and is sold by Dr. Greens online store.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a synthetic urine is, here is the quick 101.

It’s the laboratory made a urine-like solution that should be tested exactly the same as a real human urine on a drug test. People also use it for golden showers, as an animal repellent, and it’s also exceptionally useful as a college prank ‘starter kit’.

But naturally, pretty much all the people who use it are trying to pass a drug test. We’ll go into the Dr. Greens Agent X review – including the ingredients and share some experiences of people who used it – to determine if Agent X synthetic urine can actually be used to beat a drug test. Also, we’re evaluating how well does it perform at that job.

However, be sure to check how Agent X compares to the best synthetic urines today – it’s not exactly on the top of the list of the best synthetic urines today.

Of course, synthetic urine should only be used for your own drug test, not the administered ones.

What Is Dr. Greens Agent X Fake Pee Kit?

Dr. Greens is an online store that sells a number of different products, ranging from detox products, sexual enhancers and, of course, their branded synthetic urine – Agent X.

On their Agent X product listing, not much information is given about what is inside the synthetic urine or what you get with the Dr. Greens Agent X urine.

In fact, the best source of information is the photo of the Agent X synthetic urine itself. There are a number of things that are communicated there, including:

  • Completely sterile. Dictionary will inform us that sterile means ‘free from living germs or microorganisms; aseptic:’. Well, that, of course, it good, but that’s kind of what every fake pee should be like.
  • A clean alternative. I suppose an alternative to pissing hot on a drug screen, right?
  • Contents are exactly like real pee. Well, that is good to hear but not as comforting as a list of ingredients proving that Dr. Greens Agent X has the right pH levels, specific gravity and so on.
  • A great gag gift! Also true for every synthetic urine in the book, nothing special there. But yeah if you find urine funny, you can use it.
  • Unisex fake pee. There are hardly any differences between a male and female urine; hence every urine is unisex, but kudos to Dr. Greens for being so gender fluid.
  • With heating element and 3 oz. container. We’ll go into heating element later on because it’s actually what makes the best urine the best (the way how to heat it up easily and without problems). The container is great as well, making the trio Dr. Greens Agent X kit of urine-heating-container quite useful.
  • Novelty/Fetish product. That’s for the guys into golden showers to know that it’s good for that as well.


Aside from all the marketing claims, what is truly important and what we need to assess in every Agent X synthetic urine review, are the ingredients.

The whole point of Dr. Greens synthetic urine is that is exactly the same as urine. Well, you can take Dr. Greens word for it, if you wish, but we would all sleep a little better the night before the drug screening if we could actually figure out what ingredients are in Agent X urine.

Some synthetic urine kits like Sub-Solution have the ingredients neatly written down for everybody to see. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Agent X.

The only ingredient they have listed for everybody to see is:

  1. Uric acid.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m sure there are a number of different fake pee ingredients in there but as of nature what they are, or the quantities, is a mystery – now we know what it is called Agent X. You pretty much don’t know anything about it.

Fortunately, however, the uric acid is a must and Dr. Greens fake pee does contain it, obviously. When labs test for synthetic urine they usually measure uric acid levels because in the old fake pee’s there was no uric acid. That’s a clear give away that somebody is using synthetic pee; if, in fact, the lab has measures and means to detect the uric acid in synthetic urine.

All in all, the ingredients list is somewhat lacking.

But enough with the science, let’s see what real people who used Agent X say about it:

Agent X Synthetic Urine Reviews By Users

Synthetic urine has been used for passing drug screenings for decades and people who used fake pee share their experiences from mouth to mouth and all over the internet.

We figured it might be a good idea to look at a few of Agent X urine reviews in order to properly assess if this brand of synthetic urine works for physical exams and drug tests.

A concerned reviewer that goes by a nickname ‘sweatyblumpkin’ pointed out that there might be a problem with the Agent X’s pH levels. This problem that happened in the local smokeshop giving the reason why some people failed a drug test using Dr. Greens Agent X 7.0 formula was posted in a well-known marijuana forum Board Cannabis:


In short, after he (or she) bought Agent X, the local smokeshop guy pointed out that pH levels can be low. With urine testing, there is quite a bit of range as far as pH is concerned – anything between pH 5 and 8 is optimal. If, however, Agent X has a pH below 5, the synthetic urine doesn’t resemble real healthy urine. Which is a problem.

Is this something to be concerned about? Well, the review of Agent X pee is from 2010; hopefully, if the pH was low, they’ve updated their formula by now. Nonetheless, this assessment doesn’t look great.

Unfortunately, the Dr. Greens Agent X 2019 reviews are not yet available to confirm how well does it perform on a drug test.

People Who Did Pass Drug Test With Agent X

Not all reviews of Dr. Greens Agent X are so gloomy. There are a number of positive reviews of people who used Agent X to pass a drug test, and they did it with flying colors.

On the Board Cannabis there is another reviewer; this ones goes by the nickname ‘goodwis’ who did use Agent X and passed it. If you read the whole post (link to the post), he points out something quite interesting.



I noticed as i walked, I could hear a swishing sound from the bottle because the bottle actualy holds about 3.5 oz and it had in it only 3 oz.
I was concerend the technician might could hear it, I certainly could and I did not want to risk it.

In order for the Agent X synthetic urine to stay warm, it’s smart to keep it close to the body. This guy chose his ballsack as an appropriate place but because Dr. Greens give you only 3 oz. of fake pee with a 3.5 oz. container, there will be a swishing sound when you move. That’s not ideal.

Goodwis also warns not to water the premixed Agent X down. That will ruin the delicate balance of pH, specific gravity and urea and uric acid contents.

Another first-hand account of how the Agent X works was posted by nickname ‘Jagermadness’ on Forum Grasscity. Here is the full account of his use of Agent X synthetic urine:


Some good advice from Jagermadness include putting the synthetic urine container in your undies or under an armpit. Of course, the most obvious location on your body to hide synthetic urine is the pockets and the jacket, and those get checked regularly.

Agent X Synthetic Urine Kit – What Do You Get?

Dr. Greens doesn’t offer only the fake pee in a powder form; the package includes the whole synthetic urine kit, comprised of:

  1. Powdered Agent X urine. You get a vial, full of fake pee ingredients, add water to dissolve all the ingredients and prepare a 3 oz. synthetic urine solution. Alternatively, they also offer premixed Agent X so you don’t have to mix it yourself (the price is the same).
  2. 3.5 oz. container. That’s the plastic bottle you make the solution in. It comes equipped with a temperature strip that should tell you when the Agent X synthetic urine is warm enough.
  3. “Heating element”. That is a 1-pack of Heat Factory glorified hand warmers. Does heat up hands; but does it heat up 3 oz of Agent X urine? Not really. You have to first microwave it for 10 seconds and then apply the “heating element” just to keep it warm.

Our Verdict

All in all, it is quite a nice fake pee kit but there are concerns about a number of things.

Firstly, the temperature strip that should indicate that the temperature of Agent X urine is 88F-102F can be a bit off (not calibrated well). I mean, it is a simple temperature strip, we can’t expect rocket-science accuracy there. However, according to Agent X review posted on 420 Magazine, somebody’s son failed a drug test with Agent X precisely because of bad temperature strip:


So that’s not good as far as the quality of Dr. Greens kit is concerned.

Secondly, the “heating element” is quite sub-standard. It might be an easy choice for Dr. Greens to include hand warmers but that’s exactly what they are: hand warmers.

And thirdly, there are some red flags like lacking ingredients list and the swishing sound of the not fully filled Agent X urine container.

That doesn’t mean that Dr. Greens produces bad urine. It’s just that it is not an ideal one and can be improved upon.

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  • March 22, 2019 at 1:31 am

    I live in Reno NV and I think the laboratory’s are on to the fake pee cause the line they wanted me to put the sample up to is more than 3oz and when I was done putting my sample in the cup it wasn’t up to the line and they made me rest so needless to say I didn’t get the job not because it didn’t work it’s cause the sample wasn’t big enough


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