Does Synthetic Urine Work With Drug Tests? (2022 Updated)

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Even though synthetic urine is the most popular way of passing a urine drug test, we still get a lot of emails with ‘I have a drug test in 2 days, I’m x tall and weigh x pounds, smoked a joint 2 weeks ago, should I use synthetic urine? Does synthetic urine work?’.

To clear the picture and put some common sense thinking into does synthetic urine work for lab drug tests, we did a bit of investigating which uncovered the following conclusions:

Does synthetic urine work for:

  1. Calibrating urinalysis test strips – it was created to check if urine drug tests work properly – YES.
  2. ‘Golden showers’ – synthetic urine does work for that but some people complain about the lack of ‘that unique smell’ – so partly yes.
  3. Passing a urine drug test (the big one everybody wants to know about) – of course, it works if you use it with common sense – so YES.

We focused on the question if synthetic urine works to pass a drug test, even in 2017. From user reviews and, well, our own experience we are quite certain that it works (otherwise it wouldn’t be so frequently used by one-time puffers and true stoners alike to beat a drug test).

What is even more important than knowing if synthetic urine works is which is the best one to use to guarantee you to pass. We’ll go into that but here’s a spoiler – it has everything to do with the right temperature of synthetic urine.

drug tests
Urinalysis uses sample urine to determine if an individual used drugs in the past month.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Despite synthetic urine being widely used to beat drug tests, it was initially designed to test if urinalysis test strips work consistently or not.

Basically, they mixed together all the things that they measure with a urine test (such as urea and uric acid) to create perfect healthy urine – otherwise known as ‘synthetic urine’. Then they checked if urine test strips will recognize the synthetic urine as perfect healthy urine – and out of 100 tests, 100 test strips told the same. There is no difference between synthetic urine and normal urine.

Of course, when drug testing for employment began, people started using synthetic urine to beat the drug test. Test strips dipped into a cup of normal urine and the best synthetic urine (2022) show exactly the same result.

sub solution synthetic urine vs real urine
Real urine (left) vs. synthetic urine (right). Can you tell the difference? Even labs can’t tell them apart.

What makes synthetic urine work is, of course, that it is toxin-free. If you smoked weed in the past few weeks, test strips dipped in your pee will recognize THC and you’ll get ‘THC-positive’ on your medical record. Ups!

Now, if you would put synthetic urine in the cup instead of your urine, the test strips dipped in it would tell the lab techs it’s a healthy urine. Does it include THC? Nope, it’s clean and you get ‘drug-free’ on your medical record. Quite simple, right? That’s the basics of how does synthetic urine work for lab tests.

Let us have a look when synthetic urine doesn’t work:

The Only Case When Synthetic Urine Doesn’t Work For Urine Drug Test

Almost any synthetic urine will show up as a clean healthy urine on the urinalysis test strips. However, there is one case when people don’t pass a drug test when using synthetic urine (and they have to redo the test).

»The Cold Urine« Case

Everybody using common sense will be able to pass a drug test with the right synthetic urine. What some omit is that for synthetic urine to really work, they have to heat it up.

Don’t get me wrong: the test strips and lab results will always be fine as in ‘drug-free’ urine. The only problem is if the lab tech who usually collects the cups of urine picks up your urine sample and it’s cold.

Your own urine would come from your bladder and would have body temperature (about 98-102 F). In order to pass a drug test with synthetic urine, you have to heat it up. If the lab tech will feel that urine temperature is any other than body temperature, he or she will probably know what’s up. And even then, you will only be asked to redo the test – so another urine sample.

Luckily, with a bit of common sense, there is a simple solution to cold urine – just heat it up!

How To Heat Up Synthetic Urine So That It Does Work Every Time

There are actually two options for how to do that – the easy one and the hard one.

I’ll start with the hard one:

Hard Option

Microwave it for 10 seconds and then, somehow, keep it warm. I have to honestly say that because of this technique of heating it up people still ask ‘does synthetic urine work’. Why?

Because sooner or later you’ll find someone who overheated the synthetic urine and the lab tech figured out this molten-lava hot urine couldn’t possibly come from a human being.

microwaving synthetic urine
How do you microwave synthetic urine exactly to 98-102 F? It’s almost impossible.

We also, of course, have some geniuses who don’t heat it at all and are asked to redo the test again (this time with their urine).

Easy Option

Believe it or not, synthetic urine producers thought about how to easily heat up synthetic urine so that it does work consistently. One actually did figure it out and even patented their formula. Here is the link to the patent, if you’re interested:

The easy heat up comes in a vial containing a special chemical that, when poured into the synthetic urine, heats it up exactly to 98-102F (you even get an indicator that turns green when the urine is in the right temp. range).

The synthetic urine that comes with the self-heat up vial is called Sub-Solution synthetic urine and it’s pretty much the most recommended synthetic urine to use for drug test exactly because of the easy heat-up.

Full-package Sub-Solution synthetic urine with heat-up vial. You can get ‘The Sub’ here.

Thus it is no wonder that ‘The Sub’ won the #1 rank as the best synthetic urine of 2017. Here is the list of top 7 synthetic urines currently on the market:

Synthetic Urine Brands Compared (2022)

 Powdered Urine (#1)Sub-Solution (#2)
Quick Luck (#3)
Quick Fix (#4)Xstream (#5)

sub solution synthetic urine photobest synthetic urine 2019
Ingredients:5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars2.1 out of 5 stars
Quality/Price:5 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars
Fast Shipping:4 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars
Does it heat up?Yes - 98°F to 102°F
Yes - 98°F to 102°F
Yes - 98°F to 102°F
Money-back Guarantee:N/AYesYesYesYes
Average rating:4 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars3.5 out of 5 stars3.3 out of 5 stars
Available at:Buy Powdered UrineBuy Sub-SolutionBuy Quick LuckBuy Quick FixBuy Xstream
+ Practice kit:N/ABuy Sub-Solution + Practice KitBuy Quick Luck + Practice KitN/AN/A

Here’s also a first-hand story of a guy who used it and answers pretty well if synthetic urine does work:


You’ll Pass A Drug Test With A Bit Of Common Sense (No Worries)

With synthetic urine, a guy flipping burgers at Mcdonald’s or a rocket scientist can pass a drug test. Just don’t be stupid about itsynthetic urine does work but you have to heat it up to exactly the body temperature.

Of course, you can microwave it and risk getting caught, or you can buy Sub-Solution and just pour the vial into the ready-to-go synthetic urine.

Just don’t let that one joint you had a few weeks ago ruin your future, especially because even if weed is legal, the drug testing laws are still enforced and that’s simply irrational.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine 2022 Review: Still The Best?


We all know that synthetic urine is pretty much the surest way of passing a drug test by mimicking the real urine.

The first of the next generation synthetic urine is the popular Sub-Solution synthetic urine. Being able to heat itself to body temperature, Sub-Solution is what most illegal drug users use when it comes to a urine drug test.

sub solution synthetic urine vs real urine
Real urine (left) vs. Sub-Solution synthetic urine (right). Can you tell the difference? Drug testing labs sure can’t.

What is more, Sub-Solution retained the 2021 title as the best synthetic urine in the 2022 synthetic urine comparison as well.

Richard C., a fellow stoner, pretty much sums it up (click on the review for a bigger photo):

review of how to use sub solution to pass a drug test

Sub-Solution is the new industry standard and has scored the No. 1 synthetic urine award for passing a drug test in 2022 synthetic urine review (it usually gets a 5-star review by the users).

how to pass a drug test in a day with synthetic urine
Sub Solution is arguably the most reliable synthetic urine on the market. You can get it here.

Sub-Solution Reviews

You should really check the story about the guy who also did thorough research on the best synthetic urines and choose the Sub Solution – here is his post on 420magazine.

Basically all other synthetic urines out there are knock-offs of Sub Solution, but nobody has yet to master the self-heating property the Clear Choice Sub Solution has (you have to heat other synthetic urines to body temperature ‘somehow’ so they don’t catch you using synthetic urine in a urine drug test).

Not only does the Sub-Solution by TestNegative has the highest rating and self-healing mechanism, but it is also the only synthetic urine that has been around for more than 10 years. 

That just tells you that people have been buying it for a long time and readily recommended it in order for the company to keep selling it – you can easily buy it here.

What I found most credibly about Sub-Solution synthetic urine is the list of ingredients that the solution consists of.

For example, on the packaging, it clearly states that the powdered urine you get (with a vial for heating and plastic container) contains urea and uric acid. These are the two basic ingredients of urine that every synthetic urine should contain – but the Sub Solution is the only one that is clear about that.

What Is Sub Solution Anyway?

As with any synthetic urine, Clear Choice’s Sub Solution is a solution that closely mimics standard and natural urine. Chemically speaking, it is a complex water solution, containing both organic and inorganic substances – just like real urine does.

Urine helps us eliminate products of cellular metabolism and, of course, THC or any other drugs if present. Sub Solution is chemically speaking exactly the same as natural urine but without the drugs, one might use. Hence it is perfect for passing a drug test – chemically it will test out as perfectly normal urine.

What Is Synthetic Urine Made Of?

Synthetic urine has the same ingredients as urine, in the same proportions and concentration. Urine drug tests measure the content of the most important ingredients – urea, uric acid, and creatinine – as well as pH and specific gravity that come mainly from inorganic components.

For example, here is a study of how much uric acid is in urine – healthy volunteers had a 5.1-7.0 mg/dl concentration of uric acid in urine. This is exactly how much uric acid the best synthetic urine should contain.

To mimic natural urine, synthetic urine – if produced correctly – should be a complex water solution that has about 3 times as many organic substances as inorganic ones (chlorides, phosphates, sulfates and ammonia).

Here are is the ingredients list of what synthetic urine should be made out of:

  1. Urea50 to 100 mg/dl of urine.
  2. Uric acid5.0 to 7.0 mg/dl.
  3. Creatinine35 to 320 mg/dl.
  4. Potassium sulfate (K2SO4) – 1 to 3 g/l.
  5. Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) – 1 to 3 g/l.
  6. Ammonium phosphate – 0.5 to 1.5 g/l.
  7. Ammonium diphospate – 0.5 to 1.5 g/l.
  8. Calcium chloride (CaCl2) – 0.1 to 0.5 g/l.
  9. Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) – 0.25 to 1 g/l.

The inorganic substances synthetic urine is made out of (point 4-9) are what gives the synthetic urine the same pH and specific gravity as genuine urine.

Urine has a pH of 4 to 10 and a specific gravity between 1.000 and 1.035. As does Sub Solution; in fact, Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine precisely because it has the best balance of organic to inorganic components. You can check out them even in their patent.

Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected In A Drug Test?

If you do everything correctly, synthetic urine can’t be detected by standard drug testing panels. Because ‘fake pee’ so much resembles the natural urine, as far as inorganic, organic content, pH, specific gravity, urea, and so on are concerned, the drug test will detect synthetic urine as normal urine.

There is only one catch, though – low-quality synthetic urine products. As you’ve seen, patented synthetic urine does have exactly the right amount of urea, creatinine and so on. It is quite a long list.

The surest way for synthetic urine to be discovered on a drug test is if somebody uses a low-quality fake pee. There can be several problems with such cheap fake pee products that can be caught on a drug test:

  1. pH is too low. 4 or lower.
  2. Specific gravity is too high. If you put too much low-quality ingredients in a drug test, the specific gravity can spike above 1.050.
  3. Urea or creatinine levels are too low. Cheaper fake pees usually prefer to stay on the low-end range especially when creatinine is concerned (admittedly, it’s cheaper for them to use less). In some cases, creatinine levels can be below 30 mg/dl – too low.
  4. Urine temperature is too low. Very important! Synthetic urine has to be heated up to a body temperature – 90 to 105F. Sub Solution comes with a self-heating mechanism; cheaper urines must be microwaves for about 10 seconds and it’s really hard to hit exactly 90 to 105F with a microwave.

In short, if you use high-quality synthetic urine, these things can’t occur. If you use cheap fake pee, chances are you’re going to be caught on a drug test.

How Do You Keep Sub Solution Urine Warm?

When you giving a urine sample, it has a temperature between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic urine such as Sub Solution should have the same temperature; so how do you warm it up and keep warm?

With other synthetic urines, you have to worry about microwaving it and keeping it close to your body in order not to lose heat. Sub Solution, however, has a patented heat activator – a small vial of lithium chloride (LiCl) that can’t be detected by a drug test.

Here is how you warm up Sub Solution prior to the test:

  1. Mix Sub Solution with water – water temperature should be between 70 to 90F – and prepare 2,3 or 5-ounce synthetic urine solution. Sub Solution contains details instructions on how to do this; it’s easy and simple.
  2. Add the heat activator (little granules in the dark vial) slowly. Shake or stir if needed, and watch the temperature probe.
  3. The attached temperature probe will turn green when the synthetic urine is of body temperature (98 to 102F).
  4. Excess heat activator can be appropriately discarded.

Note: If the temperature is too high, the temperature probe will go ‘red’. Cool the whole solution of synthetic urine down by running tap water on the outside of the container. When it turns green again, the temperature is just right.

You can keep Sub Solution warm be keeping it close to your body (underarm, thigh). It can be there for more than 2 hours while you wait for a drug test.

What Do Users Say About Sub Solution Synthetic Urine?


Honestly having a closed-door test is what you usually get when doing a urine drug test. Mixing up the Sub-Solution is a piece of cake when nobody is watching.

From this Sub-Solution review, we also see that you can warm the solution up yourself is you tuck it up under your breast for an hour. However, the self-heating vial you get with the purchase, you don’t have to warm up for an hour. The vial warms it in seconds. That can be very useful when you’re in a cabin at Quest.

Is Sub-Solution A Life-Saver?


Well, it is for this guy. He has the truth of it through – all the guys on the street use synthetic urine and Sub Solution is pretty much the most widely known in the stoner’s world. 

Negative Review of Sub-Solution?

Whenever you have a popular product, you’ll have some negative reviews as well. Here is one about the Sub:


This is the same thing that was found in the synthetic urine 2022 comparison. The Sub works like a charm but it is pricey. However, when trying to do a THC detox or pass a urine drug test in 24 hours with synthetic urine, you really shouldn’t be looking at pricing. Why?

Because if you buy bad urine, your job is probably on the line. And a job is much more important than a few extra $10 in the wallet.

Average Customer Rating is 4.4/5 Making Sub Solution Highest Rated Synthetic Urine

All in all, the Sub is the highest rated synthetic urine and it’s been around since 2003. It is sold exclusively online and we don’t list where to buy synthetic urine in stores article.

When it comes to buying quality synthetic urine to pass a drug test, the Sub is the thing you get (if you can afford it).

Other synthetic urines might work just as fine (you’ll just have to heat them up somehow) and will cost a bit less but if you want to have a guaranteed ‘THC negative’ on your drug test, the Sub-Solution is the first choice.

You can buy the Sub-Solution here even a day before a drug test.

All the luck to you guys!

Dr. Greens Agent X Review: Does It Work (Or Not)?

Ok, who are we talking about here, Dr. Green or Agent X?

Of course, we’re talking about synthetic urine. Or synthetic urine kit to be exact.

This one is called Agent X (I always love the naming of these fake pee products) and is sold by Dr. Greens online store.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a synthetic urine is, here is the quick 101.

It’s the laboratory made a urine-like solution that should be tested exactly the same as a real human urine on a drug test. People also use it for golden showers, as an animal repellent, and it’s also exceptionally useful as a college prank ‘starter kit’.

But naturally, pretty much all the people who use it are trying to pass a drug test. We’ll go into the Dr. Greens Agent X review – including the ingredients and share some experiences of people who used it – to determine if Agent X synthetic urine can actually be used to beat a drug test. Also, we’re evaluating how well does it perform at that job.

However, be sure to check how Agent X compares to the best synthetic urines today – it’s not exactly on the top of the list of the best synthetic urines today.

Of course, synthetic urine should only be used for your own drug test, not the administered ones.

What Is Dr. Greens Agent X Fake Pee Kit?

Dr. Greens is an online store that sells a number of different products, ranging from detox products, sexual enhancers and, of course, their branded synthetic urine – Agent X.

On their Agent X product listing, not much information is given about what is inside the synthetic urine or what you get with the Dr. Greens Agent X urine.

In fact, the best source of information is the photo of the Agent X synthetic urine itself. There are a number of things that are communicated there, including:

  • Completely sterile. Dictionary will inform us that sterile means ‘free from living germs or microorganisms; aseptic:’. Well, that, of course, it good, but that’s kind of what every fake pee should be like.
  • A clean alternative. I suppose an alternative to pissing hot on a drug screen, right?
  • Contents are exactly like real pee. Well, that is good to hear but not as comforting as a list of ingredients proving that Dr. Greens Agent X has the right pH levels, specific gravity and so on.
  • A great gag gift! Also true for every synthetic urine in the book, nothing special there. But yeah if you find urine funny, you can use it.
  • Unisex fake pee. There are hardly any differences between a male and female urine; hence every urine is unisex, but kudos to Dr. Greens for being so gender fluid.
  • With heating element and 3 oz. container. We’ll go into heating element later on because it’s actually what makes the best urine the best (the way how to heat it up easily and without problems). The container is great as well, making the trio Dr. Greens Agent X kit of urine-heating-container quite useful.
  • Novelty/Fetish product. That’s for the guys into golden showers to know that it’s good for that as well.


Aside from all the marketing claims, what is truly important and what we need to assess in every Agent X synthetic urine review, are the ingredients.

The whole point of Dr. Greens synthetic urine is that is exactly the same as urine. Well, you can take Dr. Greens word for it, if you wish, but we would all sleep a little better the night before the drug screening if we could actually figure out what ingredients are in Agent X urine.

Some synthetic urine kits like Sub-Solution have the ingredients neatly written down for everybody to see. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Agent X.

The only ingredient they have listed for everybody to see is:

  1. Uric acid.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m sure there are a number of different fake pee ingredients in there but as of nature what they are, or the quantities, is a mystery – now we know what it is called Agent X. You pretty much don’t know anything about it.

Fortunately, however, the uric acid is a must and Dr. Greens fake pee does contain it, obviously. When labs test for synthetic urine they usually measure uric acid levels because in the old fake pee’s there was no uric acid. That’s a clear give away that somebody is using synthetic pee; if, in fact, the lab has measures and means to detect the uric acid in synthetic urine.

All in all, the ingredients list is somewhat lacking.

But enough with the science, let’s see what real people who used Agent X say about it:

Agent X Synthetic Urine Reviews By Users

Synthetic urine has been used for passing drug screenings for decades and people who used fake pee share their experiences from mouth to mouth and all over the internet.

We figured it might be a good idea to look at a few of Agent X urine reviews in order to properly assess if this brand of synthetic urine works for physical exams and drug tests.

A concerned reviewer that goes by a nickname ‘sweatyblumpkin’ pointed out that there might be a problem with the Agent X’s pH levels. This problem that happened in the local smokeshop giving the reason why some people failed a drug test using Dr. Greens Agent X 7.0 formula was posted in a well-known marijuana forum Board Cannabis:


In short, after he (or she) bought Agent X, the local smokeshop guy pointed out that pH levels can be low. With urine testing, there is quite a bit of range as far as pH is concerned – anything between pH 5 and 8 is optimal. If, however, Agent X has a pH below 5, the synthetic urine doesn’t resemble real healthy urine. Which is a problem.

Is this something to be concerned about? Well, the review of Agent X pee is from 2010; hopefully, if the pH was low, they’ve updated their formula by now. Nonetheless, this assessment doesn’t look great.

Unfortunately, the Dr. Greens Agent X 2019 reviews are not yet available to confirm how well does it perform on a drug test.

People Who Did Pass Drug Test With Agent X

Not all reviews of Dr. Greens Agent X are so gloomy. There are a number of positive reviews of people who used Agent X to pass a drug test, and they did it with flying colors.

On the Board Cannabis there is another reviewer; this ones goes by the nickname ‘goodwis’ who did use Agent X and passed it. If you read the whole post (link to the post), he points out something quite interesting.



I noticed as i walked, I could hear a swishing sound from the bottle because the bottle actualy holds about 3.5 oz and it had in it only 3 oz.
I was concerend the technician might could hear it, I certainly could and I did not want to risk it.

In order for the Agent X synthetic urine to stay warm, it’s smart to keep it close to the body. This guy chose his ballsack as an appropriate place but because Dr. Greens give you only 3 oz. of fake pee with a 3.5 oz. container, there will be a swishing sound when you move. That’s not ideal.

Goodwis also warns not to water the premixed Agent X down. That will ruin the delicate balance of pH, specific gravity and urea and uric acid contents.

Another first-hand account of how the Agent X works was posted by nickname ‘Jagermadness’ on Forum Grasscity. Here is the full account of his use of Agent X synthetic urine:


Some good advice from Jagermadness include putting the synthetic urine container in your undies or under an armpit. Of course, the most obvious location on your body to hide synthetic urine is the pockets and the jacket, and those get checked regularly.

Agent X Synthetic Urine Kit – What Do You Get?

Dr. Greens doesn’t offer only the fake pee in a powder form; the package includes the whole synthetic urine kit, comprised of:

  1. Powdered Agent X urine. You get a vial, full of fake pee ingredients, add water to dissolve all the ingredients and prepare a 3 oz. synthetic urine solution. Alternatively, they also offer premixed Agent X so you don’t have to mix it yourself (the price is the same).
  2. 3.5 oz. container. That’s the plastic bottle you make the solution in. It comes equipped with a temperature strip that should tell you when the Agent X synthetic urine is warm enough.
  3. “Heating element”. That is a 1-pack of Heat Factory glorified hand warmers. Does heat up hands; but does it heat up 3 oz of Agent X urine? Not really. You have to first microwave it for 10 seconds and then apply the “heating element” just to keep it warm.

Our Verdict

All in all, it is quite a nice fake pee kit but there are concerns about a number of things.

Firstly, the temperature strip that should indicate that the temperature of Agent X urine is 88F-102F can be a bit off (not calibrated well). I mean, it is a simple temperature strip, we can’t expect rocket-science accuracy there. However, according to Agent X review posted on 420 Magazine, somebody’s son failed a drug test with Agent X precisely because of bad temperature strip:


So that’s not good as far as the quality of Dr. Greens kit is concerned.

Secondly, the “heating element” is quite sub-standard. It might be an easy choice for Dr. Greens to include hand warmers but that’s exactly what they are: hand warmers.

And thirdly, there are some red flags like lacking ingredients list and the swishing sound of the not fully filled Agent X urine container.

That doesn’t mean that Dr. Greens produces bad urine. It’s just that it is not an ideal one and can be improved upon.

Simply Golden Synthetic Pee Review: New 2018-2019 Urine

Simply Golden synthetic urine kit and urine belt kit are the latest additions to the synthetic urine world.

They seem to be launched in 2017 which translates into ‘I really hope this fake up is properly updated and filled with uric acid to pass a drug test even in 2019’.

The synthetic pee by Simply Golden has quickly gotten some traction and it will be really interesting to see if this will be one of the best synthetic urine kits on the market in 2019.

3 Things That Make Simply Golden A Success On Synthetic Urine Market

Of course, there are many good things to be said about the Simply Golden pee; including that it is made in the USA, which is a rarity.

What is so special about the Simply Golden? Well, it has 3 things going for it:

  1. Quite transparent about what ingredients are in the Simply Golden bottle/belt. That’s exactly the information that some kits lack.
  2. Includes fake pee belt kit. With other such products, you have to buy a synthetic urine + incognito belt (to hide the urine) package. The Simply Golden belt urine kit comes all-in-one. And it’s quite tastefully designed and functional – you can check how the novelty belt kit looks like here.
  3. Probably the cheapest new synthetic urine. You can spend more than $100 on a premium synthetic urine brand. There are cheaper alternatives but you’ll hardly find a synthetic urine that costs about $20 as the standard SG bottle kit does.

Fake Pee Ingredients

Many older brands of synthetic urine omit what is actually in the synthetic urine. Everybody understands that synthetic urine should mimic the real urine as closely as possible but how do you know that the fake pee will resemble the real urine close enough to pass a drug test?

Well, you can believe the word of the producers. However, it’s much more comforting to know what exactly is the synthetic urine comprised off.

And while most brands don’t give an answer, the Simply Golden synthetic urine does have some ingredients listed (albeit there are no quantities associated with all these chemicals).

Here is the list of ingredients:

  • Urea.
  • Uric acid. This is an ingredient that is lacking in some fake pees and the main reason why they are detected as synthetic urine by drug testing labs.
  • Creatinine.
  • Nitrates. Nitrates also provide the well-known urine smell.
  • Proper pH levels.

In short, top 3 things – urea, uric acid, and creatinine – are included. That’s surprisingly good!

Check for the nitrates as well. Lab urine tests measure nitrate levels and when the nitrates are turned in ammonia-like specimens, they give off the rich urine smell.

The pH levels should be, ideally, between 5 and 8. It’s not hard to achieve such levels of pH (for example pH of water is 7) but if you add too much chemicals, the synthetic urine can turn too acidic.

Simply Golden synthetic urine ingredients list, however, does not include the quantities. Adding just the right amount of nitrates, urea, creatinine and so on is vital to ensure the fake pee will pass a drug test without questions asked. For example, all the best synthetic urine kits are best precisely because they hit the urine test marks exactly right.

No Reviews Of Simply Golden In 2018

With all the standard brands, you’ll have marijuana forums full of reviews with two customary synthetic urine opinions, namely:

  1. “This synthetic urine is awesome! Passed the test and have a job now, bro!”
  2. “This fake pee is sh*t. Despite doing everything as prescribed I failed and was fired!”

With Simply Golden synthetic pee being such a novelty we’re only waiting for first reviews to start being posted on forums.

Hopefully, we’ll get some good synthetic reviews in 2019 – will keep you updated.

If you just need to know how Simply Golden works, you can check the belt kit on Youtube.

What Does The Synthetic Urine Belt Kit Looks Like?

Almost every fake urine out there comes in a bottle. That’s why we decided to present the unique urine belt kit Simply Golden offers. It is important to note that while the standard bottle kit is probably the cheapest fake pee kit on the market, the synthetic urine kit with a belt does cost about $40.

So what is that kit comprised off?

  1. The “pouch” with premixed Simply Golden urine. Urine kits can hardly be described as beautiful but this pouch is beautifully designed to fit around your thigh, stomach or under an armpit. In the world of synthetic urine that is worth quite a lot.
  2. Temperature strip. It is a standard strip for measuring the temperature of the urine, strapped on the pouch itself. The strip has its shortcomings but is generally accurate enough.
  3. Heating element. The heating pads are a bit sub-standard but the belt that keeps Simply Golden close to you is much more valuable than a simple pad for maintaining the urine at the right temperature.

Of course, to bring the fake pee to the right temperature, you should microwave it for 10-15 seconds. That is not as ideal as the lithium-based heating vial the best synthetic urine kits come with but it’s what you get for a lower price.

Our Verdict

The Simply Golden may be a newcomer on the market but it has some vital advantages over other synthetic pee brands – the main one being the functionally-designed belt pouch for keeping it warm.

The ingredients seem to be on point as well; however, we lack the information about the quantity of uric acid, urea and so on. The right quantities will enable a user to pass a drug test; the wrong quantities will be detected as synthetic urine.

In summary, a very nice and very cheap synthetic urine that might work just fine when it comes to the drug screenings.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Pee Review (Is It 500% Over The Top?)

Whenever I see some way over the top and exaggerated marketing, I immediately feel like someone is trying to trick me into buying something I don’t need.

Well, it so happens that when your drug test is around the corner and you absolutely need a synthetic urine that really works, you can come across the Ultra Pure fake pee sold by Ultra Klean website. Some people also call it Ultra Klean urine; we won’t go into the nomenclature here.

Instead, we’ll make a thorough assessment of Ultra Pure urine in order to see if it’s any good. The Ultra Klean has (this really needs to be noted) particularly aggressive marketing claims when it comes to the Ultra Pure synthetic urine. There include:

  • “We have passed more than 500.000 urine tests”. How would they know that? Does that mean only that they sold more than half a million Ultra Pure kits or is everybody phoning them and confirming they’ve passed a urine drug screening?
  • 500% money-back guarantee. That’s such an outrageous claim I don’t know what to think of it. Ok, so if I fail a drug test and don’t get a job, they’ll reimburse me 5 times over for my purchase of Ultra Pure? Seems outlandish to say the least.
  • Ultra Pure is the best synthetic urine on the market. It’s true that every synthetic urine brand claims that but Ultra Klean doesn’t really try to back it up with some evidence.

We did the in-depth review of all the synthetic urine brands on the market, from the very best to the very worst, and it’s not hard to imagine that Ultra Pure didn’t distinguish itself as one of the more credible counterfeit urine.

About Ultra Klean’s Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

So here is the official story from Ultra Klean’s website:

“The whole fake pee project there was started in 2002 by John Kehoe and Brian Kehoe (that means this fake pee is around more than 15 years). Apparently, the founders have the advantage of working in the synthetic urine industry for quite some time by now, their version of synthetic urine being Ultra Pure.”

Given the many years Ultra Klean has been around, the science behind it, the “many trials” as they put it, they are sure to claim that the Ultra Pure is the best synthetic urine around. But is it really?

The outrageous marketing and something like 500% money-back guarantee don’t really add to their credibility; what we do here is look at the ingredients that the Ultra Pure is made out of, scour the forums for any information about people who used synthetic urine to figure out if it really works or not.

But first, the ingredients.

What Is Ultra Pure Made Out Of?

At the end of the day, the brand of synthetic urine is not as important as the guarantee you can pass a drug test. And that depends solemnly on what synthetic urine is made out of.

If the ingredients are on point, synthetic urine will test as a real urine.

If they are not, you’ll be informed that the lab detected the fake urine and accuse you of foul play.

So the least a company that sells synthetic urine could do is give you some insight into what is actually in the premixed fake pee solution. Admittedly, not many companies give you the full insight into the synthetic urine ingredients (with the exception of TestNegative’s Sub-Solution) but they at least give you some idea what is in the bottle you’re staking your job on.

Something in the lines of “This wonderful synthetic urine is made out of urea, uric acid, creatinine and has appropriate pH levels and specific gravity”.

Not Ultra Klean though.

You’ll find nothing of the sort on the website – no ingredients, no quantity of ingredients – and honestly, that doesn’t inspire confidence at all.

With no ingredient list to check if the Ultra Pure works or not, we’re left to user reviews of the pee. Let’s check some of them:

Reviews Of Ultra Pure Urine

If Ultra Klean has been selling this piss for 15 odd years, there’s bound to be somebody who used it to pass a drug test and tell everybody about it on some marijuana-related forum. At least that’s what we were guessing when trying to assess the Ultra Pure synthetic urine.

Sure enough, there are a number of personal experiences out there.

Review No. 1

Here is one review posted on Boards Cannabis thread from 2015 by a user nicknamed ‘Coloradoooooo32’ (I would guess a guy from Colorado, aged 32 years). He describes the whole ordeal with nervously checking the Ultra Pure reviews before and after using it, and ends by “I passed!!”:


What is surprising to me about this review is not the whole process the guy had to go through with using Ultra Pure; it’s the fact that nobody responded to this threat. This threat is literally this post, and nothing else.

No “Cool story, bro” or “Congrats!”.

This is somewhat fishy and could indicate that somebody from extravagant Ultra Klean marketing department wrote that review.

Review No. 2

Another great review about Ultra Pure was written by the Weed In My Pocket guy in his (or hers?) post. In short, the Ultra Pure worked with an OTC drug test but when it came to the real deal, the synthetic urine flunked the test.

Two reasons are given:

  1. The Ultra Pure’s color has weirdly unnatural.
  2. The temperature wasn’t appropriate.

The temperature thing is pretty understandable. It’s really hard to get and keep synthetic urine at 90-100F using a microwave, your body’s heat, and hand warmers. I mean, you could try it and see if it works but I wouldn’t bet my job on it.

The color is something a majority of synthetic urine brands do OK at. Our own body uses urobilin that gives the real urine that yellowish shade. With fake pee, you have to somehow recreate that color using food coloring chemicals.

But, unfortunately, Ultra Pure synthetic urine doesn’t manage to recreate a color that wouldn’t look unnatural. At the end of the day, it comes down to how attentive the technician analyzing the urine sample is, but submitting a not-ideally-yellow urine is always a bad idea.

Review No. 3

The third review comes from the well-known Marijuana forum about Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine.

Surprisingly, the fake pee did work and there is quite some information about the urine’s temperature. The user nicknamed ‘Lips02’ (I assume it’s a she) walked into the drug testing clinic with 99F urine, kept it between her ‘cheeks’ for 20 minutes, and the temperature dropped to 96F:


The problem is that post is from 2010, and unfortunately, we don’t have any reviews of Ultra Pure synthetic urine from 2019 yet. Nonetheless, the last review was quite insightful and the Ultra Klean didn’t have to fetch out 500% money-back to this particular lady because the fake pee worked.

What Kind Of Kits Are Offered?

2oz and 4oz choices are available.

You can tell a lot about how good a synthetic urine is from the kit that is offered. Namely, it’s not a good sign if they give you hand warmers to keep the synthetic pee warm, and any mention of ‘just microwave it for 10 seconds’ is a red flag.

Here is what the 2oz Ultra Pure kit looks like:

  1. Premixed Ultra Pure solution. That’s the urine itself.
  2. Silent squeeze bottle. Well, ok, you have to put that yellow liquid somewhere.
  3. Hand warmers. There you have it – the red flag.
  4. Temperature strip.

All in all, it is a pretty common synthetic urine kit but those hand warmers just ruin it.

Our Verdict

In summary, it is possible (but not all that likely?) to pass a drug test with Ultra Klean’s product but there are many red flags. No listed ingredients, hand warmers, and outrageous marketing don’t reflect well on the Ultra Pure synthetic urine.

With so many other fake pee brands out there that don’t have such red flags, it’s really difficult to understand why somebody would pick Ultra Pure as their No. 1 choice of synthetic urine.

Quick And Clean Synthetic Urine Review: Small And Discrete


‘Quick and Clean’ is how every drug test should ideally go, with or without the use of synthetic urine.

This particular brand of synthetic urine is market primarily to people who are into ‘golden showers’. Well, that is one of the ways you can use fake pee and Quick and Clean does come in quite a seductive packaging.

On top of that, Quick and Clean urine is designed especially for women. Given the lack of personal experience with golden showers, I’m not really sure if this is urine designed to be sprayed only on women or is this a woman urine (would be used predominantly on men, I suppose).

Nonetheless, the No. 1 reason why people use synthetic urine is to pass a drug test, and we are here on the mission to review all the ingredients, user-experiences and urban myths that come with every synthetic urine brand, including Quick and Clean.

So let’s jump right in.

Quick And Clean Fake Pee For Fetish

There are two kinds of fake piss packages that Quick and Clean offers:

  1. Pinky synthetic pee kit (female only).
  2. Normal kit with synthetic urine (unisex).

Most of the discreteness and seductiveness claims are connected with the female only synthetic urine. The Quick and Clean website even features a nice lady with a face lace, something like this:

Artificial urine can be used as a fetish but the No. 1 use is to beat a urine drug test.

When it comes to problems we can have on a drug test for pissing hot, the second unisex version of synthetic urine is much more useful (and gender fluid).

This is the kind of urine that people use on drug screenings; in fact, we have prepared a 2018 and 2019 best synthetic urine list in order to determine which fake pee product is the safest to use.

One thing that Quick and Clean fake piss definitely has going for it is the 2 oz container.

Would it not be better to get a 3 oz or 4 oz synthetic urine kit for the same price?

Well, normally it would but this is not potatoes that we’re buying in a store. Of course, a majority of fake piss brands out there offer a 3 oz urine + container but:

  1. You don’t really need 3 oz of urine. 2 oz does suffice for a lab test.
  2. It’s easier to hide a 2 oz flash under your armpit than a 3 oz bottle.

These two reasons made Quick and Clean urine quite useful and easier to use/hide when you drug test appointment is up.


The essential part of answering the question “will this synthetic work on a lab drug test” is hidden in the composition of synthetic urine. In short, what is the bright yellow solution you can substitute for real urine actually made out of?

Quick and Clean is rather shy to reveal what exactly is inside their mixture (shockingly, only a few fake urine brands disclose this information).

Without knowing if there is urea or uric acid in Quick and Clean piss, we can’t really know if it will work on a drug test or not, right?

Wait Until 2019 For Synthetic Urine Reviews

Usually, we can find a lot of reviews of brands like Sub-Solution, Quick Fix and so on on a number of different forums by people who have actually used and passed or failed a drug test.

However, Quick and Clean is quite a novelty products (I think it was launched in 2016) and it is one of the least known synthetic pee brands around.

That means that there is a lack of Quick & Clean urine reviews. The following question about it is the only reference we could find of Quick and Clean (it has posted as a synthetic urine related question on Grasscity forum):


The guy buying synthetic urine really points out the relevant questions about the Quick & Clean urine: it’s 15$ cheaper than Quick Fix but it does not say ‘contains urea’. In most of the cases in which synthetic urine is detected on a lab test, the urea was missing in the fake pee.

Does Quick and Clean includes urea? We simply don’t know and that is a problem.

For some real information, we’ll have to wait on some of the 2019 synthetic reviews to tell us if it works or not.

Our Verdict

New and fetish-focused brand of synthetic urine. How does it hold up on a drug test? Well, we don’t really know because the information about the ingredients is not disclosed and there are no relevant reviews of the Quick and Clean brand out there as of yet.

Some red flags do include using hand warmers (this again) to warm it up; that’s just nasty and risky business.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review: Best Fake Pee For 2022?

quick luck synthetic urine review

We get it.

You have a drug test in your imminent future. You also pretty much know you’ll piss hot unless…

…unless you get creative.

We’ve all been there. The first of drinking boatloads of water to pass a drug test helps just a little and you’re sure that just a little help won’t cut it.

People who are pissing hot are passing lab tests every day; with the right choice of synthetic urine, of course.

urine drug test sample
Urine drug screening paperwork is pretty extensive nowadays. Only the best synthetic urine will do.

The thing about synthetic urine is that you want to pick one that works for sure and that:

  • Easy to heat up.
  • Works for all urine drug tests.
  • Most important: undetectable by lab-issued drug tests.

Labs are getting more and more creative at detecting synthetic urine. That’s the real reason why the best synthetic urine is the latest or the most updated formula.

A kind of formula that lab-issued drug tests can’t detect. And the story of Quick Luck synthetic urine in 2022 is a story about how not to be only one but two steps ahead of the lab techs.

That’s the only way to guarantee you’ll pass a drug test on short notice.

Quick Luck – Synthetic Urine For 2022

It is essential for a synthetic urine to keep up with the drug screening standards.

For example, a few years ago labs started testing for urea. Why?

Well, every real urine contains urea (it’s a small chemical in urine). Most of the synthetic urine kits didn’t have urea. That’s why when the drug screening test determined that a urine specimen doesn’t include urea; it has to be synthetic urine.

From then on, every high-quality synthetic urine (at least all of those that don’t cost less than $50) does contain urea.

In 2019, the window of how much urea you can have in your pee sample is still wide. But it’s likely that in 2022 that window will be very narrow and only the very best synthetic urine will be able to beat the drug test.

That’s where Quick Urine comes in very handy.

The synthetic formula of Quick Urine was designed specifically to be able to pass a drug test in 2022. That means that all the components in the premixed urine are spot on. Tested and double-tested in order to ensure that no test can tell between real urine and Quick Urine.

Here is how it looks like:

quick luck synthetic urine review
The best next-generation Quick Luck synthetic urine. A guaranteed way to beat a drug test in 2022.

What is very interesting is that ClearChoice, a brand that created Quick Luck, already plans to update the formula in 2022.

They know they have the best synthetic urine of 2022 on the market, but the expiry rate of Quick Luck urine is September 2022. After that chances are they will already update the formula again in order to be the top of the top brand out there.

Temperature, Temperature, Temperature

The all-inclusive and thorough formula of synthetic urine might not be enough.

One important factor that differentiates good synthetic urine from bad synthetic urine is how well can you adjust its temperature.

Even with Quick Luck synthetic urine, you have to ask two things:

  1. How will I heat it up to body temperature (90-100F)?
  2. How will I maintain that temperature before the testing?

Up till now, there were synthetic urine kits that did either one or the other. Quick Luck is the first synthetic urine on the world that does both!

fake pee kit for raising temperature
Quick Luck superb temperature kit with heat activator, heating pads and temperature strip. Check out the whole kit here.

It includes the patented heat activating powder; this stuff raises the temperature of Quick Luck urine to body temperature in seconds.

Secondly, you get heat pads with every purchase. Those help you to keep the synthetic urine heated for 1-4 hours, giving you more than enough time to go through the all ordeal of doing the urine drug testing.

Verdict – Best Synthetic Urine

All in all, Quick Urine represents the next generation of synthetic pee that is:

  1. Very accurate.
  2. Easy to use temperature-wise.
  3. Undetectable.

Having all these three properties covered, Quick Urine is one of the kind synthetic urine for 2022. Be sure to order the latest batch (ClearChoice is committed to updating the formula in order to remain two steps ahead of the lab detections):

Order the latest batch here


QCarbo32 Herbal Clean Reviews: Sure It’s Gonna Be Enough?


When it comes to detox drinks to pass a drug test, QCarbo32 is one of the most well-known detox drinks. But does it really help everybody to pass a drug test?

Sure, there are some that passed the test using QCarbo32 and we’ll even give you some positive QCarbo32 reviews. However, there are good and bad reviews of this detox drink. Why?

Because it seems like that QCarbo32 only helps people that would pass a drug test if they would be drinking water for an additional 1 or 2 days. Here is the summary of almost 500 reviews of QCarbo32 from Amazon:

qcarbo32 reviews
Why mixed reviews?

In short, Herbal Clean QCarbo 32 is at best a mild solution.

This is not a thorough detox like Toxin Rid (further on is a comparison between QCarbo and Toxin Rid). It is basically just a drink that makes you pee more. And that is pretty much it.

Why It Is A Good Idea To Pass A Drug Test

If you’ve just successfully completed your job interviews and know you’re going to get the job, you also know one more thing:

You will get tested for drugs.

When you get called for a drug test, everybody (well, at least us stoners) get scrambling about how to pass a drug test.

It’s easy to understand: if we don’t pass the test, all the interviewing was for nothing. Not to mention the awkwardness of failing a drug test.

Here is where QCarbo32 should come in. Should be easy-peasy, just drink the 32oz drink and you’ll have a clean pee.


QCarbo32 has helped a lot of light smokers to pass a drug test. However, if you’re a heavier smoker, QCarbo32 probably won’t be enough. Nonetheless, let’s look at a few Herbal Clean QCarbo32 reviews:

QCarbo32 Reviews – The Good And The Bad

Let’s start with good reviews to see if QCarbo32 works for a drug test. Here is from a guy who calls himself, get this, a ‘weekly toxin absorber‘. He seems pretty impressed by how QCarbo32 works:

qcarbo32 positive review

Alright, let’s have another review:

does qcarbo32 work

So this pretty much sums up the positive experiences – QCarbo32 works by making you pee a lot more.

The more you pee, the more toxins go out, pretty basic math.

However, will it be enough for you?

Here is a negative review of QCarbo32 – the guy did read the positive reviews, though he will pass a drug test, but didn’t:

qcarbo32 negative review

You have to be careful when choosing QCarbo32: the reason why there are so many very positive and very negative reviews is that it works for some, but not for all.

Here is a detox that works for all.

QCarbo32 vs. 5-Day Toxin Rid – How Does QCarbo32 Compare To The Best Detox In The Market?

Here is my opinion on it:

How do I know?

For one, I tried the Toxin Rid and never failed a test. And secondly, there are mixed reviews for QCarbo32 but not for Toxin Rid.

Here is a quick comparison:

QCarbo32 vs 5-Day Toxin Rid

 QCarbo325-Day Toxin Rid
What You Get?32oz Detox Drink1. Detox Liquid
2. 75 Pre-Rid Pills
3. Dietary Fibres
For:Mild toxin exposureHeavy toxin exposure
Avg. Customer rating:3.2 out of 5 stars
494 reviews
5 out of 5 stars
23 reviews
How it looks like?qcarbo32 herbal cleanBest marijuana detox (with pre-rid pills, detox liquid and dietary fibers).
Availability:Buy here (In Stock)But at TestClear (In Stock)
BONUS: Use 'TestClear10' to get 10% off

Which One To Choose?

The major difference between QCarbo32 and Toxin Rid is that Toxin Rid has those 75 pre-rid pills.

You can believe that if you pop 75 detox pills, it does have a substantial effect.

But do you need a substantial effect on toxin elimination if you’re a mild smoker (a joint a week)? Not really.

If you’re a heavy smoker, however, can you risk getting caught on a drug test? Not really.

So here is the 101 on how to pass a drug test:

For mild users: QCarbo32

For heavy users: Toxin Rid

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System? (3 Options)

THC in weed is a very lipophilic molecule

Most of us start wondering how to get weed out of your system fast when a THC drug test is just behind the corner. Such tests are usually for employment – and we’re all well aware that we will lose our job if we get caught.

Now, employers usually give us a notice when the weed drug test will take place. That might be a month in advance, a week (most common) or even ‘hey, you have a drug test tomorrow, report to this and this doctor’.

3 Ways of How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

There are basically 3 ways of how to get weed out of your system:

  1. Wait it out (app. 1 month). The body flushes the weed out by itself but it can take ages (and you don’t have the luxury to wait that long because your job is on a line).
  2. Do a THC detox (app. 5-7 days). You put your metabolism (that eliminates weed) into hyperdrive with detox products (drinks, tablets, dietary fibers).
  3. Use fake urine (1 day). This is solemnly to pass a urine drug test – an option when you’re truly desperate. Get some clean urine from a friend or buy a synthetic urine. The point is not to lose your job.

Why would you wonder how to get weed out of your system fast? Because more than half (59%) who are caught on urine drug tests are THC-positive (and get fired in 80% of cases).

This needn’t happen, especially as there are ways to get weed of your system and it’s not all that hard.

Here’s the quick summary of how to get weed out of your system, we’ll go into a bit more details later on.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System In 1 Day, 1 Week Or 1 Month

When Is The Drug Test?How To Get Rid of Weed Till Then?What To Get It?Suggested products:Avg. Review of Suggested Product:
1 Month AwayBody Will Do It By ItselfDrink plenty of water, the body will do the rest.5-Day Detox
Best marijuana detox (with pre-rid pills, detox liquid and dietary fibers).
5 out of 5 stars
1 Week AwayTHC DetoxHeavy Users: 5-Day Detox
Moderate Users: 3-Day Detox
1-time Smoker: Water, Sports, Healthy Diet
3-Day Detox
3 day toxin rid detox reviews
5 out of 5 stars
1 Day AwayFake Urine1. Get clean urine from a trusted friend (who is clean), OR...
2. Get synthetitic urine.
Synthetic Urine Comparison:
synthetic urine on sale
Best synthetic urine: 4 out of 5 stars

Timing Is Everything When You Want To Get Marijuana Out Of Your System

The only question when you’re wondering how to get marijuana out of your system is WHEN you have a drug test:

Drug test next month? 

No problem, just wait it out. As you see in the graph below, after 30 days, there is less than 5% probability that you will be caught on a drug test (if you want to guarantee to pass, just do a 5-day detox – will explain later on).

More than 50% of people are still THC positive within 10 days after last joint.

Do you have a drug test next week and you’re wondering how to get weed out of your system fast?

In the first 10 days after the last joint, the chances of getting caught are about 50:50. You can take your chances, or you can do a 5-day detox (for heavy users) or 3-day detox (moderate users) and pass a THC urine drug test without a problem. You can get the 5-day detox here (with overnight shipping).

How to get weed out of your system in 24 hours?

Well, if you only have a day or two before the weed test, you can’t get the weed out of your system. Not even the near-toxic diarrhea-sh*tstorm detoxes work that fast. However, you can still pass a urine drug test by getting fake pee. From your friend or getting a synthetic urine. You can read more about weed detox here.

Oh, rule #1 is to stop smoking weed (fairly obvious, right?). Well, you don’t even have to do stop if you get a clear urine or synthetic urine anyway.

#1 Option – Wait It Out (THC elimination study)

The science about how to get weed out of your system is pretty much known via THC elimination studies. You can go into a bit of scientific reading in an article published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology here. They basically studied 60 weed smokers who smoked 10 joints per week in the last 10 years.

study of the elimination times
Source: Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 2009, at

As you see, if you give a body 1 month, it pretty much knows how to eliminate THC out of your system.

However, the reality is that very few employers will give a 1-month notice for a drug test. Usually, you get a 1-week notice. Nonetheless, if you have a great boss that will give you heads up 1-month in advance, here is your step-by-step plan:

  1. Stop smoking weed for the next 30 days.
  2. The body will eliminate the weed out of your system by itself.

#2 Option – Weed Detox (most common)

More than 80% of employees will give you about a week notice for a urine drug test. This is not enough time for the body itself to eliminate all the THC but you can help your body with a detox.

It basically comes down to stop smoking weed and picking the best weed detox drink/tablets out there.

Stop smoking weed for a week can be difficult but not impossible, even for a heavy user. Picking out the detox drinks is another thing: you can buy anything from a niacin-bomb drink that might be harmful to ‘detox drinks’ that more resemble smoothies than detox drinks.

There are lots of advice about which THC detox works best over the internet, and I’ve summoned all the BS that is posted (and actual advice on how to get weed out of your system fast) in an article about THC detox.

Basically, yes, you have detox drinks and niacin-detox pills and dietary fibers to choose from; but me – I don’t like to take chances and the best way to get weed out of my system in a week is the Toxin Rid formula. Why?

Because it combines all 3:

  • Detox drinks
  • Detox pills AND…
  • … Dietary fibers

It pretty much the only thing that I found (myself and asking people on the street) that works consistently.

It is also no wonder that this 3-in-1 formula is the most commonly used for weed detox. Here is your plan:

Are you a moderate user (2-6 joints per week)?  3-day detox should be enough. You can get the 3-Day Toxin Rid here.

Which Toxin Rid to use?3 Day Detox Rid
3 day toxin rid detox reviews
5 Day Toxin Rid
toxin rid 5 day detox reviews
10 Day Toxin Rid
10 day toxin rid reviews
What you get:- 45 pre-rid pills
- Detox liquid
- Dietary fibers
- 75 pre-rid pills
- Detox liquid
- Dietary fibers
- 150 pre-rid pills
- Detox liquid
- Dietary fibers
Appropriate for:'I just smoked once' guysModerate smokersHeavy smokers
Avg. rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Where to buy?
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

A heavy user? You should look into 5- or 7-days detox (depending on how heavy user you are). Here’s the link to 5-Day Toxin Rid.

For a one-time user? I would presume that 1 joint will not register you as ‘THC positive’ on a drug test if you drink a lot of water and do some moderate sports for 1 week and are consistent with your healthy diet. Some detox drink such as QCarbo16 can’t hurt.

#3 Option – Fake Urine (yes, you don’t stop smoking)

How to get weed out of your system in 24 hours? Unfortunately, nothing will do that. When you have to take a drug test in a day or so, you really can’t detox.

You can risk it, of course. Chances are that you won’t get caught if you smoked 1 joint. However, if you’re a regular user, you do know what kind of mess will come from being tested positive for weed.

The solution here is fake urine. The best thing is to call a friend who you can trust and know for sure that has clear urine. Let him or her just give you his piss and you can take it with you on a drug test – just remember to preheat it to body temperature before you go to your drug test appointment.

However, if all your trusted friends are stoners like mine, you can still get a synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is what they use for calibrating urine drug tests – a laboratory-made solution that resembles urine (but doesn’t contain any drugs, of course). I always go for actually the real urine – you get it powdered and just add water.

You can find the best performing Sub-Solution synthetic urine here (best quality but pricey) and here is the real powdered urine (which is in other words ‘clean urine’).

Just Let The Weed Out Of Your System On Your Own Terms

I hope we’ve learned that our body is a fairly good system and knows exactly how to get weed out of your system. Unfortunately, it works too slow. A month or so.

That’s why we have THC detoxes (1 week) and synthetic urine (1 day) to help us out when we need to pass a drug test.

Both might be a bit costly, and using synthetic urine feels like being a con artist a bit, but let me assure you – it’s still better than testing positive and losing a job or not getting a job you interviewed for.

Also, if you have experience with how to get weed out of your system fast or in a week, you can comment below to help other people looking to clean weed out of their systems as well.

7-Day Toxin Rid Detox Review (For Moderate To Heavy Smokers)

7 day toxin rid detox

You won’t believe this but 7-Day Toxin Rid detox is the most overlooked of the all Toxin Rid line products. I, for one, don’t really know why – everybody just goes for 10-day or 5-day one.

All of the Toxin Rid’s, including Toxin Rid 7-day detox, work in the same way and are, at least in my opinion, the best detox combo as far as flushing out THC goes in order to pass a drug test in seven days (you should read the Toxin Rid Reviews article to better understand what makes them the best).

urine test samples
More than half a million US citizens fail a drug test every year. Failing a drug test can lead to losing a job – but 7-Day Toxin Rid can save you of that.

Why does Toxin Rid 7-Day detox deserve more love?

For one, a majority of employees give you a week’s notice for a medical examination. So you have about 7 days to figure out how to get the weed out of your system (unless of course you’re too late and your last option is using synthetic urine).

Secondly, you’ll see in all Toxin Rid 7-day detox reviews that ‘The 7 Day’ works just as well as the rest of them. Now, I have never used the seven-day Toxin Rid detox partly because I’m a heavy smoker and partly because I REALLY want to be sure to pass a drug test and I do a 10-day Toxin Rid instead. It’s a bit more expensive than 7-day detox but hey at least I don’t lose a $50k+ a year job for few extra bucks.

Which Is The Best Detox To Pass A Drug Test?

 10-Day Toxin Rid Detox Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Rescue Cleanse 32ozNatural Detox Home Remedies
most intesive thc detox to flush all the weed out of your system in a bottleqcarbo32 herbal cleanrescue cleanse 32oz
Includes:- 150 pre-rid pills
- Detox liquid
- Dietary Fibers
- Detox drink (32oz)- Detox drink (32oz)- Water
- Sports
- Pectin
- Vitamins
- Vinegar
Avg. Rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★N/AN/A
Changes of passing:Extremely High
Extremely LowLow
Guarantee to pass:YesNoNoNoNo
Availability:Check Price
BONUS: Check if the coupon code
'TestClear10' still gives you
10% off on all purchases
Check Price
Check PriceAm, try opening your water pipe...Buy it in any store, even Walmart.

Here I’m going to do a decent Toxin Rid 7-day detox review because I have a weak spot for it and quite frankly because it so nicely fits with the 1-week notice for a drug test by so many employers.

7-Day Toxin Rid Detox Review (Because It Deserves One)

I went through why Toxin Rid is the most thorough detox for THC, amphetamines and other drugs quite a few times now, but I’ll do a quick summary for seven days detox here:

All Toxin Rid detoxes, including 7-Day Toxin Rid detox, use 3 different formulas to flush the drugs out of your system. It’s basically 3-in-1 combo and it works so well because it combines them all – pre-rid pills (these are major for detox), detox liquid drink and dietary fibers.

THC, for example, leaves your body via urine (20%) and via feces (65%). That’s right, most of the weed comes out through the back end – here is a study in the Journal of Physiatry 2012 article that confirms that. 7-Day Toxin Rid detox simply puts the THC elimination via urine AS WELL AS via feces in hyperdrive.

The result is that you’ll pass a drug test in 7 days instead of 20 days (normal time for a heavier smoker to test THC negative on a standard urine drug test).

How To Use 7-Day Toxin Rid To Detox? Day-By-Day-Instructions

When you start with Toxin Rid (with pre-rid pills – you get 105 of them in 7-Day Toxin Rid package), you can expect some serious increase in urine flow and, am, feces generation.

In short, you’ll pee a lot and sh*t a lot. It can be a bother but that’s what it takes if you want to be clean for the drug test. And yes, maybe some other products go by ‘just drink this stuff, bro, it’s gonna be cool in like 2 hours, you’ll pass the test, no sweat’ motto, I can say with a high degree of certainty that drinking that is one of the surest ways of how not to pass a drug test.

The 7-Day Toxin Rid does take a bit of work (you have to use 15 pills per day, for example, for 7 days) but it thoroughly clears you out. And it doesn’t cost 20 bucks, it’s sold for $129.95, quite a high price but passing a drug test is really not something you can afford to fail – I mean, it does have an effect on your near future in a big way.

Here are the 7-Day Toxin Rid instructions. This is how you use the ‘7 Day’:

7-Day Toxin Rid Detox Instructions (Day-By-Day)

DayWhat To Take?How To Take It?
115 pre-rid pillsTake 3 pills an hour for 5 times
215 pre-rid pillsTake 3 pills an hour for 5 times
315 pre-rid pillsTake 3 pills an hour for 5 times
415 pre-rid pillsTake 3 pills an hour for 5 times
515 pre-rid pillsTake 3 pills an hour for 5 times
615 pre-rid pillsTake 3 pills an hour for 5 times
7 (day of the drug test)1. 15 pre-rid pills.
2. Drink detox liquid.
3. Drink dietary fibres.
1. Take 3 pills an hour for 5 times.
2. Drink 1/2 of detox liquid 4 hours before the test and the other 1/2 2 hours before the test.
3. Drink dietary fibres 1 hour before the test.
Congratulations!You passed the drug test!

Here is a guy from Hawaii that went through this and posted a positive review:

review of 7 day toxin rid detox

If you are a frequent smoker, like smoking a joint almost every day (but not every day – the 10-Day detox is for that), you should really look into the 7-Day Toxin Rid detox for your own good.

7 day toxin rid detox
7-Day Toxin Rid. Use the instructions and you’ll pass a drug test with no problems if you’re not a chronic smoker.

The producer of Toxin Rid 7-Day detox, TestClear, was also kind enough to offer 10% OFF of all Toxin Rid products with this link and using ‘TestClear10’ code. Hope this help someone pass a drug test and save some on the detox.