Quickscreen At Home Drug Test For Marijuana – You Positive For Weed?

Drug testing is usually inevitable in the workplace. Before the employment and every few years during employment pretty much everybody is being tested for drugs such as THC (marijuana or weed), amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and even more exotic drugs (you name it).

With ‘At Home Drug Test‘ by QuickScreen, everybody can check him or herself for marijuana before the official drug test.

At Home Drug Test – Where To Get It Cheap?

The beauty of at home drug tests is that they are very quick and easy to use (with 99% accuracy). Most of these drug test that can be used at home are basically test strips on which you pee and see if you’re clean or not – exactly like pregnancy tests.

The most famous and used At Home Drug Test is for marijuana – you can buy a pack of 2 for about $20 at Amazon (at Walgreens a single test costs more than $18).

‘At Home Drug Test’, a QuickScreen product is not the only one out there for weed. Here are some at home drug test ideas (just pick the ones with good reviews, most are less than $20):

You can see that At Home Drug Test brand is pretty expensive – I always use the cheaper versions for marijuana.

Which Drugs Home Drug Tests Measure? Not Only Marijuana

In addition to price, the most important factor when buying an at home drug test is which drugs does it test for.

Did you smoke marijuana?

Well, then you’ll need an at home drug test that checks for the presence of THC, an active substance in marijuana. The official test will surely check for THC and if you want to be sure you’re clean and not have a nervous breakdown when giving your urine sample, you really should do the Quickscreen at home drug test.

Most of at home drug test check for the popular drugs such as THC and amphetamines. These are the 5-panel or even 10-panel home drug tests. You can read more about those at drug test kits.

However, if you’ve been using some exotic drugs such as PCP for example, you have to check if the drug test you’re buying does test for that drug. Yes, drug tests can test for up to 15 drugs at once, but if yours Quickscreen at home drug test is not one of them then it’s of little use to you.

If Positive, Use Detox or Synthetic Urine

If you test positive for a drug like THC, you can do a THC detox to quickly eliminate the drugs out of your system before a drug test. Just make sure that you check that you’re truly drug-free after the detox with an at home drug test. If you’re in a big hurry, you can always check the article how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours.

Regardless of which drugs you’re on, if you do a urine drug test, you can always switch your drug-positive urine with synthetic urine. It’s a 100% proof method and guarantees you’ll pass a urine drug test for any drug, but it does take some balls to sneak the synthetic urine on the exam and fill the urine cup with it.

Risky, yes, but given that you’ll lose your job and have problems getting another if you’ll test positive, synthetic urine is pretty much worth the risk. Synthetic urine will test negative on any test, the official one or Quickscreen at home drug test.

After Detox, Get At Home Drug Test To Check Yourself Again

When you’re done with a detox, check yourself again with Quickscreen at home drug test to be sure you’re clean. If not, go for more detoxing, or if you have no time, the synthetic urine might be your only chance.

One thing is for certain, though: Don’t leave it up to a chance. At home drug test for marijuana can easily tell you if you’re positive so that you can do something about it.

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